Thursday, October 3, 2013

TresFest, Publika

September 22nd, Sunday
The Square, Publika

With Wiwin, my buddy since 2008. We only managed to meet once a year and this year's meeting was the bomb. We were actually talk about life and jobs (Yeah, I do feel old!), we are way too mature now, Win! LOL! All the best in everything you do and gonna sambung borak about the publisher tu later! :)

This is Mija, my housemate

This is Liyl, my mate. (Guuuurrllll, you make me look so fat yaww!)

This is Juey, my housemate. She was the TresFest committee member.

This is Min Min, my roommie. She was performing for the event that night and it was amazing!

They aren't mine! LOL! Meet Izham and Aarief :)

One of the TresFest performer, meet this lovely lady, Emilia

My buddies

My homies

Nabeel was rockin the stage that evening! People were asking for encore! LOL! Great job, Nabeel!

The main event

Everyone was dancing that night! It was an amazing event! Happy 21st birthday to our friend, Ian! The event (or to be precised), the party was amazing! Happy birthday to you, you handled the event very well and everyone was having a tremendous time and good job to the whole team! Yay! Look forward for more events from you! :D

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