Saturday, October 10, 2015

Traffics = Stress


It's half past four on Saturday evening and it is still pretty hazy outside (haven't you heard?), and I have finished doing my weekend chores. I have plenty of time to spend time with myself right now since I am currently taking my time off from work, just enjoying myself, figuring out what I am going to do next and planning on next best things and literally just enjoying my life.

It is not that I hate working, I love it very much and I really, really love my job and the workplace environment is just magnificent. Nothing's wrong with work, it's just that I came across with some thoughts and I don't really like that thoughts of mine.

One fine day (this was a few months back and it constantly hit me ever since), I was driving to work. I live in a big city, the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and I work(ed) in suburb area of Selangor; not to say my workplace is rural or bucolic, but it takes about half an hour or so for me to reach the office from home. So it hit me when the highway to get out from and to get into the city were stuck. Major highways (even the minors one!) were all immobile. Honks everywhere, small accidents happen at times, motorists ride their bikes like they own the road, public transports drivers (buses and cabs) drive like *oh Lord*, f-words, cursing words, the level of stress in the morning is this high and all because of "I need to get to the workplace in time so that I can do my job and then I will get paid at the end of the month."


How can a person stand to be at unhealthy state, to be so stressed out in the morning? I am sure that nobody wants to be stressful in the morning but why you choose to live your life like that? You have no choice since it stated there you have to clock in to the office before 9am?

This happens exactly the same when I drove back home from the office. Usually it will take up to 45 minutes (maximum) to reach either end but not during peak hours. I once experienced of having to drive approximately 3km/h and it took 2 hours and 45 minutes for me to reach home. Checked out at 5pm and I was able to meet my mom at home around 8 at night.

Yay. Yay, you hardworking worker.

That hit me so hard and I decided to, stay at home and blog about this. LOL! Kidding. I need to go to work too and everybody thinks that they do not have the choice to avoid themselves from being so stressful to start their awesome day but they have all powers to do so! How?

1) Be early. The earlier the better. While people are still snoozing at home, every road and highway or freeway (you name it!) are yours! You can drive at 10km/h if you desire to do so or even 250km/h but that only applies to A45 AMG. Or maybe you want to take your Aventador out for a spin, sure you can. Be my guest.

2) Get a cup of hot coffee. Or Starbucks. Or hot Caramel Macchiato, to be exact. Probably some tuna croissants or that cheese fingers. Yum. Eat it while you drive to work. Nothing can spoil your morning if you have something to eat in the car. Repeat after me: Food is my best friend. I love you, food. There.

3) Tune in to your favourite jam. I rarely listen to the radio since my car audio system for all cars constantly connected to my iPod so I have no problem listening to every single song that I love in the car. Alt-J, Daughter, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Lykke Li, Lana Del Rey, Milky Chance are my absolute fav. Singing out loud in the car is actually good for you because you never really thought that you can reach your destination within five songs. LOL!

4) Carpool. Or have someone in the car with you. So that you won't ever get bored because you have someone to talk to and to laugh with unless that person loves to sleep once they got in the car. Everybody has that one friend, right? HAHAH!

5) Take public transports. What else do I need to explain? Let the cab or bus driver do the honour of getting himself/herself into the traffics and just swim around in the pool of perturbation. Lewlz.

6) If you don't think this will help you, then I suggest you to take a day off today. You can go out later in the afternoon, just drive around town (not during peak hours!) and just embrace the feeling of no stress and calm and give thanks to your heart and brain for enduring such tension all this while!

x, Malina Azman

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