Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Members in My Makeup Bag!

1. De'Wajah De'Blossom Lip Colour Set

Rose Pink, Soft Pink, Pale Pinkish, Pale Orangy

I bought these four bestfriends from Zalora and it is freshly delivered to my door step this evening. It costs RM 89 for all four shades of pink. Tried it, and I personally don't fancy the stickiness because I'm a great talker, so I can literally feel there's something on my upper and lower lip as it finds each other. You know the feeling when you ate a very oily food and you can feel the sticky, oily sensation on your lips and you just want to wipe it off? Yes, that feeling. But I love the pink shades! Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but I need to do some lipstick hack 101 to make it more matte-y. Tissue and powder. Yeah, you know the drill, ladies. LOL!

2. Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick Powdery Matte; 008, 011, 006

I went to this boutique in my neighbourhood and I saw this one very pretty girl, I think she is around 22 or 23 years old and she is the one who manages the boutique. She is very friendly, and attentive and helpful. While I was talking to her as I paid for things I bought at the cashier, I can't help it but to ask her what lipstick that she was wearing that day because I literally find for that matte effect and also with that shade, like everywhere! The closest to that shade is the Kylie Lipkit. Yes. It is so hard to find the lipkit especially in Malaysia. You have this Kylie Lipkit inspired but it is always sold out and you have to wait for another batch to come, and sold out again and again and eventually you just give up and want to look for other options. This one is! It is Kiss Proof matte lipstick. The only thing that makes it differ than the famous lipkit is that, Kiss Proof offers a pencil lipstick and need to sharpen it instead of the liquid with the applicator attached with the lid. They have in literally 'every shades you want' and of course I bought the most famous shades that Kylie's has. Hey, I love the colour, not the brand. So as long as I have these shades, I don't want the Kylie's one.

3. SILKYGIRL Matte Fever & Moisture Boost

There are two different types of SilkyGirl lipsticks here; One is the Matte Fever & two is the Moisture Boost for more moisture, glittery effect on the lips. I personally love the matte one and my absolute favourite is the Matte Fever No 01 Vogue. I wear it for casual look or for a day out with my family or friends, simple, no-makeup look. It is very light, non-sticky, matte effect. It feels like I don't even wear any lipstick, I sometimes forget that I even wearing one! I have 4 other different colours which are; 01 Latte, 02 Desire (these two are the Moisture Boost), 02 Coral & 04 Siren. It is so light and I love the twist stick other than the pencil one because I hate to sharpen the lipstick. LOL! This one is a must-buy.

4. Revlon lipsticks Matte & Crème

For more professional look or official/social events like meetings, conferences, weddings, reunions, dinner dates. I will apply these babies on my lips. These are from Revlon. For the non-Matte effect, its called Crème. I have in two shades which are; 240 Sandalwood Beige & 225 Rosewine. The Matte one is number 015 called Seductive Sienna. Loveeeee this one!

5. Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow

I recently went to Sephora in KLCC, they have offers for Black & White card members, I happen to be one of them so I decided to take a look at the new revamped makeup store. They have this new area for "Bestsellers" or "New Arrival" section (I seriously can't remember what is the name of the new section but what I know is that section is da bomb!).  I am pretty clueless when it comes to makeup, so with this new section, it really helps me to know what is new and to select what's best in the current market. One of my friends actually recommends this to me for a natural eyes makeup look. It is Too Faced, Natural Eyes. It has many shades and I think they have it in two different batches for this package and I picked this one out because I love some brown-ish, gold-ish makeup for my eyes. It gives me a fresh yet sexy and elegant look (I think?) and it also matches my skin tone. It comes with instructions with three different looks on how to mix & match the colour to apply onto the eyelid. It makes my life much easier! Love it!

6. Revlon blusher in 004 Wine Not Lie-De-Vin

7. Clarins Be Long Mascara in 01 Intense Black

- Elizabeth Taylor

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