Friday, June 28, 2013


Al Tazaj Fakieh. This is like a fast food for Arab people. If in Malaysia, this would be like Marrybrown or A&W? They serve half chicken with roti pita, fries and garlic sauce. And it comes with drinks too if you buy the meal set.

The fries and garlic sauce. Yes, eat it just like that! It was delicious!

Haris. I'm not sure what's inside it, but it is just too good to describe it. I think its just like our Malay porridge but this is not rice (I think?). It is sweet and yes, eat it just like that.

And this is wine leaves. I don't know what is the name in Arabic but it is actually sticky brown rice inside covered with grape leaf and olive oil.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mee Singapore. Can be found in City Center Mall in Doha. LOL! Sooooo freakin' nice! Loads of seafood in there, and with the noodle as well (of course). Huge prawns, bits of chicken, squids, red and green capsicum and add with some cili jeruk into that plate and off you go to seventh heaven. Seriously, it's really nice. 

I couldn't remember the name for this one, but it is so good. The amount of seafood in there, memang sangat generous! It's like you're eating seafood soup more to mee soup itself. Can be found at food court at City Center Doha.

It is a must to go to Starbucks every friggin week to have my weekly dosage of Caramel Macchiato. While pleasuring myself with this drink, it is also my time to go online (with the Wi-Fi provided) to update my Twitter and spamming pictures on your Instagram's timeline! Hihi

Bacon bits sandwich at MIA, Doha. With the view of Doha city outside the huge glass wall/window and you know it is good when you get enough natural light while you're having your meal.

Pumpkin soup. Can never imagined I loved it to bits and can finished it up macam piranha dapat meat -.-'

Introducing, Karkadeh juice! At first I didn't like it because of the weird taste, but lama-lama minum, it's like heaven on your taste buds. Karkadeh is one kind of a flower. Adik-beradik with hibiscus. Usually, orang panggil hibiscus juice, but it is not the same. Karkadeh ni, lagi tasty! :) But I am not sure ada tak jual in Malaysia.

Chili Cheese Fries. Yum!

Had this during out last day in Doha. Nando's time! And don't you worry, child. This makanan ada kat Malaysia. Go and try it yourself! It is really good! I think the herbs would be the same.

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