Friday, June 28, 2013

Hectic life

Hello! Assamualaikum.

So the last time I updated this blog was exactly a month ago. I am back in Malaysia and pretty occupied with commitments now. Since the day one I landed my feet on Tanah Malaya, terus shoot off pergi sana sini. Got weddings and appointments and meetings and deadlines. Already started my new semester, it is week 4 now. How time flies! Ahh.

Firstly, I want to apologize for the "missing-in-a-month" thing. If you read my previous, last month's latest blog post, I told you that I will be busy and will not be able to update this blog as frequently as before. But I will try to make time to update and here I am. A month after.

Life's great and very hectic. Never had the chance to pluck my eyebrows or even wear the retainer. But I always have the time to do work and work and work. Workloads. Want to talk about workloads? Let's talk about workloads.

Other than commitments as a daughter, sister and a friend, I also busy being a student. It is my final year now (as I mentioned earlier), I have 2 semesters to go (In Shaa Allah) and then go for my internship and voila, hopefully, THE GRADUATION DAY! My degree is hell but yeah, no pain no gain. Always, always believe in yourself that you can do it even though you don't have any interest pun to do it. I have few heavy subjects (Duhhh), I got 3 different teams to handle and 1 project for my FYP. I am the leader for those projects/assignments and I really really hope that I can manage my time very well and handle it with patience. Need to deal with 16 mates, well, I tell you it is not east. NOT EASY. In addition, I need to merayau around KL to interview people and arrange meetings with them and interview more people and shooting and collecting data and all! But what to do, things needs to be done. I can't wait to go through this semester. (Getting pretty excited since I will be graduating soon!) Hihi. I know that most of you and most of my friends are already graduated (Congratulations to you!) and finally got the job and your own income, but hey, you don't have any idea what I went through and am going through to get to this level.

I hope I am not the same person macam dulu.

Masa zaman jahiliah.
And, zaman tiada masa depan.


Well other than that, hmm, ada pertambahan commitment. MDP! MDP! MDP! Hihi. Can't wait to start the job as MDP baby. Thanks to bossley, for the opportunity to spread my wings and just FLY HIGH! I haven't started anything yet, and Alhamdulillah got the potential clients already. Went to the meeting last night, and ze boss gives us "July Challenge". Need to win that! Need to have that! MDP all the way!

Super excited! *love*

I will definitely update more about being MDP baby when I have the time. Okay, love? Now it's time for me to do some research for my project then will get my 9-hour beauty sleep :B Goodnight. Au revoir!

Malina Azman

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