Friday, December 13, 2013

2014: Sagacious


It is almost at the end of 2013 and everyone is busy to keep up with their "unaccomplished" 2013's resolutions (Well, me too!) and maybe some of you have been too busy with works and cool stuff that you forgot that 2014 is almost here! I don't have any idea why I want to talk about this, mainly because I can't wait to have another great year just like I am having right now in 2013 and I know that half of the entire human being on this Earth will say, "Boo! I don't want 2013 to come to an end" or "Gosh, it's 2014 already?  ALREADY?! Here goes another 'awesome' year. Yay."

But hey, always always look on the bright side. What have you achieved this year and what you want to achieve, next year? How about that? Sounds fun? Well, not so, aye?

I choose to reminisce or think back on what I have done or achieved for the past 350-ish days. Well, approximately, around there. I went online today (Yeap, its been awhile since the last I used my laptop to browse things because duh, smartphone!), and I checked my Facebook and bumped into my old private albums that I have in my FB account. I was "Oh yeah, I did that! OMG! That day! Oh hey, I missed everyone! Oh wow, that was me?! I was ugly back then and still am! HAMAGAAAAD!". I know it is not nice to say that, but yeah, I am a lady and I KNOW all of you ladies will go through that phase when you see your old pictures. LOL!

Like it or not, it is A-TOTAL normal to see some of photos that you might hate (Okay lah, ternampak gambar-gambar lama yang pelik and bleh and what not) *rolls eyes* And automatically you will say to yourself, "DANG GUUURRLLL, thank goodness you are no longer like that! Thank God it's over! Yes, I am a better person now! I am so proud of you, guurrlllll!" *zig zag snap* *self-pats*

I did a loooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttt of stupid things before and soooooooooo proud that I chose to stay away from all kinds of stupid things or people or whatever not. Sometimes, to let go is to respect yourself. Respect yourself and know that you deserve waaayyyy better than that are the best things to do in life because you are creating and inviting yourself to know and explore that there are actually a lot of cool stuff out there and there are so much to see!

My life told me, "There, Malina. There. *points at the sky* Go and see for yourself. Welcome to the whole new chapter! Go, be free and create your new life with new people and new positive surroundings! Go, spread your wings and flyyyyyyyyyy~"... Well that might be a littleeeee exaggeration. But but, you get my point right?

I am not-so-proud-to-be-twenty-three-year-old-gal-this-year, but hey, MATURITY already said hello to me! Hi back, M! I want to be more mature and bold. And a liiiittleeeee bit of fat, to cover my bones. Aaaanndddd a lot of new adventures to collect more experience and knowledge and become a super-wiser woman? SUPER-WISER, bukan SUPERVISOR like the people cannot say V and W. V jadi W, W jadi V. No no, not that. WISE. Wise.

I think, that is all I want. I want to be wiser. Mature and bold.

Well of course laaahhhh, to travel around the world, nak Audi R8, penthouse in KL, be a millionaire before I hit 30 and bla bla. But but, to be wise, mature and bold, that's what makes me happy. To earn knowledge and then baru boleh earn money! For me, if you have those fortunes but you don't even have the brain (or, at least to use your brain), it is just a waste. One must master the brain first, before you master the treasure. I want to have the brain and to have whatever it takes in order for me to own the fortune.

Again. Wise.

Master it, then all those weird resolutions that you are trying to think right now, will be succeeded. You will have that and you will make another great accomplishments in life. Amin.

Malina Azman x

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