Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just Move Forward


Happy Wednesday to all! I decided to blog on Wednesday (which is, today), since I need some time out from my workloads. Four assignments to be submitted in 4 weeks time and let's pray that I can finish it on time. Yay!

And today I want to bebel about "Let the past be the past" or "Shall we move forward?".

It's November now and it has been two wonderful years for me to "appear" as a person who wears hijab. Alhamdulillah, still 'melekat' on my head. Only take em off when I'm with my girls or with my family at home and when I work out at the gym (or, home) and oh don't worry, ni gym for ladies only! Hihi.

The reason I tell you about all these, is because, I have decided to wear hijab and it is time for me to improve myself to be a better person than before. I need to be progressive in order to move forward and to stay committed with what I am doing right now (by wearing hijab) and I have no regrets about it. At all. I don't want to be the "same-old-same-old" Malina like two years back, and once I have decided to move on and move forward and leave all the bad things behind, all I'm asking you is just, LET THE PAST BE THE PAST.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine and also my other girlfriends about this. It is TOTALLY NORMAL for everyone to go through bumpy roads in life and those ups and downs, and sometimes you need a "wake-up call" to have the epiphany. (Epiphany as in, the some-what realization you feel and all of a sudden you feel like you need to change your way of life.) And at times, it also can be one of the ways God is sending or telling you or giving you signs that you can get more blessings if you changed the bad habit or the bad stuff you've made before. Remember, you are more than the mistakes you have made. So, improve. IMPROVE.

And by improving ourselves, sometimes people tend to get the wrong idea about you. Like, "Alaa, Malina tu pakai je tudung tapi perangai macam tu juga!" or... "Malina, kau ingat kau pakai tudung, kau boleh berubah ke? Kau perempuan jahat lah. Kalau dah jahat tu, nak ubah macam mana pun, tetap jahat." And yeap, people said that to me. Right in my face. But, for me, they are the one 'yang jahat' and lebih hina since sibuk nak kutuk and mengata orang yang berubah ke arah yang lebih baik while they are still there; no improvement and no progress.

So to all my loves out there, don't be afraid to do something good. Something that can gain blessings from Allah. It is not just good for you, but it is also the way to tell the rest of the world that you are improving for a better future, dunia and akhirat by doing indirect dakwah. Kan? Why not, right? Damn all those negative feedback from people. They can say anything about you whether good or bad, you cannot do anything about it. These people can have major negative influence on our lives if we allow them to. You don't have to like them, and you also cannot control how they feel about you, but you can control your actions and behaviour towards them. Even if they are being a jerk try to say things about you, just keep your behaviour classy and you will never regret it.

Been there, done that.

Eventually, they will get tired because you kill them with kindness! Instead of being rude or snarky (like what they did to you), try approaching them with kind attitude. You might be faking it on the inside, but try smiling and being polite. You might be able to diffuse a tense situation or keep things from escalating if you can act nicely and be civil towards them. They'll feel stupid if they keep trying to instigate a war when you're being friendly. 

Don't let them get you down. No matter what you do or how hard you try, you cannot control how they act or think. Do not spend all of your energy worrying about your relationship with them or focusing on the negatives. It will only bring you down and they'll be winning. Focus on the good around you and the people who love you. Focus on the friends you have, the things you like about yourself and your accomplishments rather than obsessing over someone who you don't get along with. They can only get you down if you let them :)

Keep it up! Be classy, at all cost.

Much love,
Malina Azman x

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