Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Be humble and stay quiet."

Apparently, people tries to degrade and underestimate me. And I receive probably the best(est) advice and wise words ever, from a good friend of mine. She is love. I love you, you are a true friend.

"In my opinion, life isn't all about what you have and getting good grades. Life is all about experiences and how strong you are when you are being knocked down by others. You don't have to feel down. You don't have to accept what they say. You take what they say and just let it go because they can say whatever they want. At the very end, it's all about the choices you make. And right now, the choice you ought to make is to not feel down and prove to them that even though you are not in the Dean's List but you are sure as hell are strong when it comes to handling failures. Believe me. You are. So people can say what they want to say. Let them. You can make a choice to be contented and hold yourself steadfast no matter what they say. Whatever it is, stand your ground. Don't let them knock you down like that. They will compare. Good and bad. So if they start talking shit and stuff, just ignore them. You don't even have to defend yourself because the more they say things, the more they're trying to get a rise from you. Making you feel worse. The only thing you need to do is to stay calm and say nothing. Be humble and stay quiet. Good things happen when bad things happen. Just be patient. And if you run out of patience, fuel a little more and hold on."

- Juliana A (2013)

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