Friday, July 18, 2014

And suddenly I'm 24.

Malina Azman. Officially 24 years old on July 17th, 2014.

Surprise birthday cake from my lovelies.

Alhamdulillah, 24 years of seeing all good things in life. 24 years of growing with beautiful family and friends. 24 years of gaining great experience in life. 24 years of having all best things in life. Couldn't ask for more. I have so much to say thanks to. Happy 24th Mommy-day and Daddy-day to both of my beloved parents. Really really wouldn't be here without you both and your faith towards me. I promise to strive to be a better person and promise to make you proud. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for believing in me. I love you both to the Jupiter and back!

Thank you for all birthday wishes from all of you, relatives and friends and also acquaintances. You guys are definitely the best people in the world. I know you wouldn't know my birthday without the help of Facebook reminder (LOL!) but salute to you 'cause willing to spend a little bit of your time to actually type the words out and post it on my wall or text me on Whatsapp and so on. You guys are awesome! *\o/*

Big thanks to my dearest friend, Juliana Adlin. She spent most of the time listening to my complains and problems and babbling, mostly. And that makes her the best person and I could never let her go from my heart. She is the best. Juey, if you read this, I know you already know it because I tell you every single time whenever we texted each other, but I love you and there will be no Esqueleto without his Ignacio. You are the man and you truly deserve all good things in life! Thanks for the birthday dinner, the beautiful portrait and gift and the cake too! Stay bubbly, hon XxOOoxxXOox

Next, thanks to my new friends; Rushdan, Oja, Ajit, Azwan, Chibi, Zara, Berry, Naim, Tan, Syazana for being the sweetest bunch of lovelies I have ever known in my entire life. Though we've just met (not more than two months pun lagi!), but you guys willing to celebrate my birthday with such fun and awesome stuff to do! We went for cycling around Melaka town and the picnic and the surprise birthday cake and the sweetest gift too! Alahai. Truly terharu. Thank you so very much. Really really appreciate it XO

Thanks guys. What a fun birthday celebration. I feel loved :')

I am loved,
Malina Azman, x

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