Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm just a believer that things will get better

Just do it.

"Set a goal for yourself of initiating a meeting with one new person a week. It doesn't matter where or with whom. Introduce yourself to someone on the bus. Slide up next to someone at the bar and say hello. Suggest a coffee with someone you're connected to online but whom you've never actually met. Hang out at the company water cooler and force yourself to talk to a fellow employee you've never spoken with. Say hello to anyone that holds the lift for you and anyone who is in the lift with you. You'll find that it gets easier and easier with practice. Best of all, you'll get comfortable with the idea of rejection. With that perspective, even failure becomes a step forward. Embrace it as learning. As the playwright Samuel Beckett wrote, "Fail, fail again. Fail better."

Fear debilitates. Once you realize there's no benefit to holding back, every situation and every person - no matter how seemingly beyond your reach - becomes an opportunity to succeed."

These words. I walk the talk.

I literally say hello to everyone I see or meet everyday. For me, this life is meant for learning, exploring and knowing new things, new knowledge and even meeting new people. Your whole life is like when you are entering a library or a bookstore. There are so many books in this world that you need to read. You have to read. If you feel like you don't have that much time to know and read every book in the library, then try to optimize the time. Read as many books as you can or in this case, go out and meet as many new people as you can! You got to know that there are so many characters and how introvert or extrovert people can be out there. If it's a good one, take it and apply it into your daily life. If it's bad, learn from it and don't do the mistakes.

There so many things that you can learn from others.

Good and bad; there are both awesome. It creates new life perspectives for you. Either good or bad, there are both have an impact on you. On how you are going to see your life in the future as well as on how you are going to lead and take actions and literally, on everything you want to do in this life.

And my favorite quote of all time, "Be a fearless bastard and an emotionless bitch" if you want to survive happily in this world. Do things positively and just do your best and be yourself. No one can take your experience and wisdom from you. No one. So go and create one. Create an adventure in your life. Create and experience it so that you won't regret anything. Trust me. It is a really good feeling. Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living. Remember, it's not always about to fix something broken, it's always about starting all over and creating something better.

I'm just a believer that things will get better. It will.

x, Malina A

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