Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Online shopping?

Has anyone of you ever tried online-shopping? Anyone? Anybody? Nope, yes? Okay, I cannot see nor hear you.

I had this craaazzzzyyyy idea, to "try" to shop through what I see on my computer screen instead of touching it like what I always do in the mall. I Google-d some of online-shops' sites and I was like, "Ohkay, this one is nice" or most of the time I'm like "OHMYLAWD, I WANT THIS!" but these long 10 fingers won't move and click the button PURCHASE or PUT IN MY CART because I cannot trust it if I didn't try it first!

Most of the time, whenever I am at the mall, busy browsing through racks by racks, hangers by hangers and if I really like it (like REALLYYYY LIKE IT!), I will filter out some of clothes I'm holding at the moment and think whether do I need it or do I WANT IT. Most of the time I will only pick out clothes or stuff that I ONLY NEED (Yeah, right *roll eyes*), then I will go to the fitting room to try whether it suits me/my style or not and whether it is comfy enough and the colour and the size and mostly, whether I like it to be wrapped around me or not.

You know that sometimes we trust the vibe and our mood at the moment. If we are feeling giddy and happy at that time, usually we are going to pick some bright-coloured shirts, some patterns like Aztec or tartan. And of course we are going to choose some plain, boring shirts with dull colour on it when we are feeling like, crap?

Okay, enough. You get what I mean.

So how can a person has the gut to click on the "PURCHASE" button if they don't try it or feeling the vibe or see and know the first impression when you're wearing it for the first time? Or is it just me and everyone doesn't really care? LOL!

I want to be a strong person. A girl who is not afraid of almost anything in this world, but, I am a chicken when it comes to online-shopping. HAHAHA! Malina, you coward! Boohoo!

Tell me, ladies, how did you do it?! What if you don't like what you get? What you see is what you don't get. You saw that intangible item at first on your tiny screen and now when it became tangible, you loathed it so much that you feel like you wanna tear it up?

That guilt feeling after buying it and you know you cannot get the refund or return in and exchange it to a new one really sucks and that awesome feeling you get when you pressed the purchase button is now gone.

How about that? HUH? HUH?

But to see on the opposite side of it, there are three points that I could think of right now. One, you seriously don't have to get ready to put on a nice dress and makeup and to think what shoes or bag you want to wear when you are going out shopping at the mall. Girls would understand this; staring at your big-ass wardrobe that is full with pretty dresses but keep mentioning, "Damn, I got nothing to wear. I need some new clothes. *sighs*". TRUE RIGHT?! Pfftt. Girls.

Two, you don't have to pay for the gas or toll or public transport (if you ride any) to go to the mall. So you save up about RM 10 - RM 50 (depends on the distance between your house and the mall and also what car you are driving). Oh, on a related note, I drive a car with 2.5l engine. Soooo, you know what that means. Sheeeesh.

And number three would be, you are rich (blinded by the fact that you are actually using your money but you just don't see it) and you keep on pressing that button to purchase everything that you see on the screen and at the end of the day, when you want to pay for your groceries, that can give you a heart attack! I have never experienced that before (thank Lord!), but just to remind you, don't shop til you drop.

LOL! Maybe its just me. But I think I'm gonna go and give it a try. I heard that Zalora offers soooo many pretty items with lower price too! Not to forget, FashionValet. And this amazing site by Blake Lively, Preserve. I loveeeee Blake's idea of preserving vintage items, crafts and artisans. She tries to preserve American tradition and I instantly fell in love when I see the page! Ahh. Awesome job, Blake and I am going to try to click the 'preserve it' button soon. There are so many lovely, pretty goods that I have been eyeing on since the first day she launched the new site. Go and check it out, guys! Do wish me luck, I hope I can do better... in shopping via online? :B

Malina Azman, x

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