Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello Monday!

And what's up with all those "Monday Blues" people been saying every single time they wake up on Monday morning and post a selfie in the car or looking in the mirror on Instagram with a caption of "Oh gosh, #MondayBlues". Like, what's up ladies?!

No such thing as Monday blues and there shouldn't be any of that other than force a smile on your face and open your heart for every possibility out there and go make a new history! Stop being so narrow-minded about Monday because you yourself are the only one that can determine whether it's gonna be a great day or not.

So can we change the "viral" hashtag? From #MondayBlues to #MondayBliss? Together, we can change it. Monday is bliss. Let the word "blue" be a colour. Not something that can turn your day so bad and cranky.

So starting today, vow to yourself that no more sighing to Mondays or on Mondays because this day will determine how it goes for the rest of the week! You can change the day how you want it to be depends on your non-gloomy mood.

So I am taking my notebook outside today, just to have a different perspective, good surrounding here at The Library, located in Damansara Uptown. Blogging in a hipster cafe can never go wrong. In fact, it makes you way happier than blogging in your room. LOL! Notebook + blogging + hipster cafe + a cup of coffee + nice music in the background = TOTAL BLISS.

I have a lot of things to do today. I always make appointments or meetings on Monday morning or on Monday specifically so that you have something to look forward to the day before. My routine for every Sunday night would be checking my organizer and plan out on what will I do for the next day and whom will I meet, where and when.  I have everything jotted down in my "traditional" organizer and I could not live without it since ever. Always in my handbag and I once said this to my friends, "If there is peragut wants to ragut my handbag, take everything but not my organizer!". So you understand how important that organizer is to me. Hihi.

I love to take Mondays outside. It means, if you are always spending time in the office or at home on other days on weekdays, do something different on Mondays. Go outside, meet clients and meet your friends or family on Mondays. Let there be something that makes you all excited, thrilled, enthusiast or eager for the event. Stop making your Mondays so dull and boring. Put some activities, put your shades on and be under the sunlight!

Well let's change our attitude towards Mondays. Be productive, be positive.

Malina Azman supports #MondayBliss x

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