Friday, November 28, 2014

Trip to Penang



Honestly, I would prefer KLIA (maybe I am already familiar with everything in the main airport compared to the second one). I admit that the second airport is much lively with a lot of stores and restaurants and I feel like I am in a mall rather than in an airport. So many people but most of them are non-flyers. They came in a bunch of 20 to 30 people just to send one person to the gate. Holy what? But it is good, though, to welcome everybody and it does feels like you are in a mall, but in terms of the practicality and easiness for us traveler to find the check-in gates and the fact that we have to go through every store and bumped into so many smelly people in the airport and very packed, too, are just troublesome. Lack of signage for the flyers to go and check-in on time and the gate is inappropriately located at the back of the check-in counters. Seriously, I do not like it. And so does my feet.

As for the arrival terminal, it was a looonnnggggg walk to go the belt to collect bags and another looonggggg walk to actually get outside of the airport. Again, the signage is very poor. We were lost for like an hour in the airport just to get to the taxi counters, which is located on the lower ground. I think that was the first and the last I ever taken a flight from KLIA 2. What an experience.

Hi Penang!

It costs us RM 74 to Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Ferringhi from the Penang International Airport. We stuck in traffic jams and moved about 5km per hour and we reached Ferringhi about an hour later. Our flight was so late in the evening so we touched down in Penang when people were just got out from work and school. So yeah, no complains made.


My awesome team. Oh and I met a few people too!

Just kidding. Not just a few, in fact, A BUNCH OF AWESOME PEOPLE!

Later in the afternoon; went for parasailing!

Hawaiian-themed event

The award of best dress of the night goes to, US THREE!
All dolled up for the event. Mahalo! Aloha!


Woke up early in the morning just to get here on time before people decided to do something good and productive on Sunday morning. LOL! Meet, ESCAPE.

My humble lunch that costs RM 13. Squid set with rice and veggies. Oh well.

Went to Toy Museum in Teluk Bahang after working up some sweats at ESCAPE and I saw this guy, Napoleon Dynamite. HAHAH! I am pretty sure that at least half of my readers know this guy right here. He has a weird brother and a desperado uncle who wants to live in the past, back in the 70s just to play ball again. LOL! Oh oh, and Napoleon cannot live with his chapstick? GAHD! What a funny movie. Glad that I found him in here. Haha!

Back in our hotel room to pack everything up and leave for home

Thank you Hard Rock Hotel for the amazing stay, I really had so much fun!

Browsing through street arts in the historical city of Georgetown.

Had lunch at Kaffa, located just outside the main entrance of the airport (PIA)

Cheers to more adventures, and beyond!
Malina A

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