Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Put On Your Confidence Suit. EVERYDAY!

“I like it when clothes have a story and I like finding things that move me somehow but I think it’s very important to not make fashion too much of a thing in your life. It’s a tool to show who you are to the world but only if you’re privileged enough to to be able to worry about it.”

—Clรฉmence Poรฉsy

Currently in the hotel room on the bed facing the view of the bluest blue swimming pool I have ever laid my eyes on, I should be studying but taking a 10 minutes break now. Been studying since 8 in the morning today and my fingers have been stuck on the MacBook's keyboard and been holding my black-pen-that-has-turned-to-grey-colour-now since yesterday at 2pm. It has been a very hectic three weeks for me and I am so looking forward to this weekend (more trips, more hotel rooms!) and I kinda miss home and my piano. (Daddy might be reading this all the way from his house like thousands of kilometres away via his internet browser now, but Daddy, I am taking a break now! Will continue studying after I post this okay? Hihi.)

So where was I?

Oh, about whatever you are wearing. 

Like what Clรฉmence Poรฉsy said, "...not make fashion too much of a thing in your life", well it is kinda true. At least for me. I never really think that fashion is everything but yes I did and still do post the hashtag OOTD and OOTN captions on Instagram but I never really think that I should be worried on not wearing branded items or wearing lousy shirts or just a pair of blue jeans and oversized tee.

I admit that I am a picky person, so I am a bit too picky when it comes to colour-blocking or wearing dresses or flare pants at the beach or to decide whether I should be wearing a bridal-gown or a traditional wear for formal events and all the hassle thingy. Some of rich people that I know (again, some!), are willing to spend for another bucks at branded stores to have new outfits to go with certain events while I am the type of person who is gonna wear whatever loads I have in my closet. It's gonna take a lottttt of time to think and pick what is appropriate to wear but heck no, I am not going to spend more bucks in my account just for another function. I am not a cheapskate but I know the difference between wear your branded items and wear your confidence.

My sister once said this to me, "Kakak, you don't need a pair of that, you just need to be confident to be beautiful. People are going to look at you and think you are pretty if you have that confidence in you. Doesn't matter if you are wearing just a pair of flipflop to go along with your oversized Pagoda t-shirt, if you walk with confidence, you still gonna look pretty. Well, not that pretty, but at least not ugly." LOL! The last part was SO HER, but I get it.

While my mom tells me this, "Let people see you as a broke-ass girl but you have a thick wallet rather than to wear all sorts of pretty, branded clothes but you only have 20 cents in your shilling purse with that tiny zip and you only have that." HAHAH! Mom is funnier.

The point I am saying this is because there are so many girls out there who easily got jealous like, "OMG! You are wearing Chanel! Lucky you!" and my favourite one, "You are so rich, you can get whatever they have to offer in every mall, that is why you are beautiful!". Gosh, stop being so dumb. That person is beautiful because she is confident with herself, she is proud and comfortable in her own skin, she knows that nobody can tell her the opposite because she knows herself very well that she will never be ugly because she has whatever it takes in her heart and her mind.

Even if you are wearing branded items on you but lack of confidence, you look even uglier than the person who wears cheap stuff everyday.

Just some food for thought for you ladies since today is Tuesday (ladies' night out. Wait, it is on Tuesday night, right? I don't know, never been to any. Yeah, right. LOL!)

Put on my confidence suit *zips up*,
Malina Azman, x

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