Monday, June 15, 2015

Stay progressive

It has been exactly four months (yes, four) since the last I posted a blogpost here on Malinalism. I had a very very wonderful time for the past few months and still having a tremendous moment at this point of my life and hoping for more great stuff to happen in the future.

I am truly sorry for been missing for a long long time but for those who followed me on Instagram or friends with me on Facebook shouldn't have any trouble finding me updating things as well as acknowledged me being alive. LOL!

Life is pretty great now. I finally have a job, I have the best family and friends around me and the universe seem to agree with whatever that is in my mind. So basically my life is pretty good. I am looking forward for my bestfriend to be back in Malaysia for good, as well as for my Daddy (yay!) and I just need to brush up my skill to design websites and ads. Yup, that is my current job now. HTML, CSS, all Adobe softwares. Yikes. I might have the skill (I think) but I am stuck with my "non-creative" brain.

I need to create and add new ads every week (designs, wording, color codings etc.) to put in my company's website but thing is, I don't really have ideas. I will stare at my 13" MacBook and stare for another half an hour and half an hour more and all I did for one hour was, a yellow rectangle box. Yup. Just that.

I find it quite hard to think of new, fresh, never-done-before designs although I have Googled several (several? LOTS actually!) examples of any designs I could think of and I even searched for "ribbons" and "trees" on Google. I am not proud but I will do my best to be the best employee in town. LOL!

Well, overall, my job is awesome. To be able to manage events and join an awesome team to organize global events and that hustle feeling to submit things before due-dates and getting ready with materials for presentations and meetings with managers and VPs, oh boy, how I love corporate world. I'm not kidding, I really enjoy sitting in a cubicle (oh except for our office is so bloody cold and too bad we cannot control the temperature so it feels like we actually sitting in a cubicle that is located at the Northernmost part of the Earth). Everybody is wearing either blazers or knitted sweaters or windbreakers and I have this idea to bring and wear the faux-fur winter coat or something. It is that cold.

Though I will be busy with work from 9-to-5, but I will make sure that I will have time to do other things too, especially during weekdays. More time to work out, hang out with my friends, spend more time with my family, cook for dinner, more me-time because I want to have a productive day, every day.

We have one million things to do but we only have 24 hours in a day. So take the opportunity to do as many productive things as you can before you call it a day. Prioritize, progressive, productive. That is when you know you have done something in life. Whether it is good or bad, just embrace it. Seize it. The future depends on what you do on that day.

Malina A.

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