Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Choice to Commute in KL City

Hey, you beautiful people! How are you? How's your Tuesday so far?

It is 8pm and I just got home from the city. I had a very long day today. I went out with my dad to send my car for a major service. Little did I know, my car has a bigger problem than anybody else's out there that it has to be taken away from me for like, a week. Tops. It is gonna cost me (or I should say, my dad. LOL!) quite a sum but my car needs to do that revamp. So now you know that I will not have a car for a week. My dad is definitely going to take me to places. Sorry, Daddy. Hihi

From the service centre, we have no car to take us to places nor our home. With the Uber app, yes, my life has become a lot easier to go anywhere. I started using Uber since early this year, after I got back from London on March and I have been a regular customer for Uber ever since I touched down in Kuala Lumpur.

I have a car. In fact, I used to drive like a lot back then, but not until recently, I realized that KL is packed with more and more people! And everybody has a car and everybody wants to drive. Hence, the worst traffic. Stop thinking on planning to get to work or places on time during peak hours (7am - 9am & 6pm - 8pm), daily, going in or out of the city.

In order for me not to have headaches and curse words out of my mouth, hence, the Uber driver. Open the Uber app, set the pickup location and the destination, wait for like 2 - 5 minutes, voila! They arrive, you hop on it and let them handle the stress for you. LOL!

Not that I insult those drivers, don't get me wrong, what I meant was, Uber is so convenient, also affordable! And mostly, Uber drivers are friendly and I have to say, they are educated and well-mannered! They treat us like a friend, great topics to talk about, open-minded, they keep the cleanliness of the car, great service, really really know how to drive, etc.

I definitely choose Uber every single time I want to go to places, especially in KL. Either I request for Uber from home or I can just park my car anywhere safe and request for Uber from there. Very easy, very convenient and very efficient and I feel safe too. I would choose Uber every single time over the normal cabs. Yikes, sorry, cab drivers.

Not to say that I have bad experiences with all of cab/taxi drivers, but there are always things that really turn me off when I got into a cab. I mean, even before I got into it! Well for most KL lights, that live in KL/Selangor area or always taking public transports especially cabs/taxis, you have at least experienced one out of all things below:

1) You waited for half an hour under the hot sun with sweaty armpits. So many vehicles on the road yet you see zero of taxi.

2) Or when you see a taxi, your left arm is waving up and down and you let the wind go through your sweaty armpit for like 5 seconds to find out that the taxi is occupied. Embarrassing moment, I should say? Or at least the word "Ish" or "Damn" comes out of your mouth?

3) When the taxi pulls over (like finally!), you bend over at the window (either co-pilot's window or behind the co-pilot's window), to tell the driver your destination, they will say to you, "No no, too far!" or "No no, too near!" and they speeds off?

4) Or when the taxi pulls over and the driver agrees to your destination, they press that button on that black thing on the dashboard and it automatically displays "RM 3:00" and you say to yourself, "I waited for half an hour with sweaty armpits cost me 3 damn bucks?"

5) And then you realized, the car is 100 years old when they changed from gear one, to two, to three. Or when it stops at a traffic light. Or when the car wants to speed off but you feel like you are on the back of a camel.

6) Then you also realized that all taxis smell the same. You know that scent of, the 100 years old cushion, cigarettes odour mixed with the air-conditioner, and the unknown car fragrance that I think most of taxi drivers are using.

7) It is either they are so passive or talkative drivers. I have experienced with the driver that does not say anything except for saying the price shown on that black thing with red numbers for the amount. For the talkative ones, meh, they talk about something that does not interests me. And I also experienced with the perverted ones, and that, is the major reason why I stop taking cabs. I do not feel safe.

8) I personally think that it is expensive and it is not a comfortable or safe nor an easy experience for me.

That is my personal choice and I choose to have the fastest, easiest, safest and affordable way to commute around the city. Let me know in the comments below on how do you think about this blog post and also you can share your experiences (good or bad) with public transportations in your city.

I do not promote any hate mail or whatever, this is my choice, so do respect that. If you have your own choice, then that is nice for you to have at least something that makes you live well :)

- M

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