Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fun Times with My Family

Gooooood morning, everybody! (Malaysia time)

How are you guys doing? Good? I just woke up (yes, I know it is 10 minutes after 12 in the afternoon but let me have the chance to explain first. LOL.) So yesterday, I had the most, well I think it is the most fun and relaxing day I've ever had since last week. Last week, yeah. Relaxing as in lazing around the city, went to the mall and just spent time with my beloved family.

You must think that I'm crazy because hey, nobody ever feels relaxed when they're in the city!

So what happened was, I woke up at 6am, got ready to literally chase after a bus to go to the city. I live in suburb area (a little bit further from KL city), so I went to the city by bus with my mom. She is working in the city so I decided to experience her routine and also to be her bodyguard (Malina to the rescue!). 

I have medical checkups going on at 10am, so I reached at the mall nearby the medical centre at 8am. Two hours early for my 10am appointment, so I went to Starbucks to get a bite to eat. Just chillin' with my Caramel Hot Chocolate and Tuna Sandwich while reading two different newspapers, scrolling through Instagram and read some articles, and it is 10am.

Went to the medical centre for my 10am appointment, was there until 12 in the afternoon, and hung out with Mommy while waiting for my dad and my sister to come and pick us up after Mommy's done with work. I asked my sister to bring my black backpack (that consist of my MacBook, colouring book and colour pencils that I just bought).

Daddy & my sister reached around 3pm, we went for late lunch at the foodcourt while waiting for Mommy. My sister and I did some colouring after we had our meal and I managed to send some CVs to some companies and an hour later, Mommy joined us for her very late lunch.

It was almost 5pm, the traffics in the city were not on our side. Morning and evening time in Kuala Lumpur city never fail to let curse words out of our mouths. Please nod to agree. LOL. There are some expos going on in Mid Valley and this time it is home/renovation exhibition that will go on for 3 days (Friday until Sunday), so four of us decided to go there. Since there were massive traffics happening and we really hate and lazy to drive and get through the traffic, we decided to ride Uber to take us there.

As usual, Uber drivers are very friendly, very efficient and also very punctual, so I have no complains. We have a driver, so we talked for awhile and slept in the next 15 minutes. LOL! An hour later, we reached Mid Valley with the cost of RM45. Yup, that price because of they calculated the time you rode the car.

Reached Mid Valley, went up the top floor for the expo, were there for like an hour or so. We went to The Gardens after, located just beside the Mid Valley mall, to go for my graduation gift hunting! *scream* And finally, I got my Selma Saffiano satchel! *SOL* *ROTF*

For ladies, I think they know how that satchel looks like without having to Google it. For men, I know that you do not have any idea on what the hell is that. So, it is a handbag. It is just a handbag. That's all. HAHAH! I have been eyeing on Selma for quite a time and Daddy agrees to get it for me as my graduation gift. Aww. THANK YOU, DADSY!

Then we went for dinner in Mid Valley, had our pastas and scrumptious desserts and iced teas, and requested for another Uber driver to send us back to where we parked our car at the previous mall. The Uber driver dropped us at the basement parking of the mall and off we go driving back home! The road was super clear, and we got home at midnight. I had fun. Fun times with Daddy, Mommy & Sissy. Alhamdulillah. Yay!

x, Malina

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