Saturday, April 28, 2018

April showers, no rain no flowers.

"Greetings. I shake you warmly by the hand." - Willy Wonka

Warm green tea, cute lil succulents, April calendar, smartphone, MacBook Air & some thoughts in my brain. 

Oh boy, it has been ages, ain't it? Not apologizing for being busy and productive in life, but I do apologize for not having much time to write a post on this blog. The last post was my wedding updates, which was happening almost 6 months ago.

Oh wow I have been married for 6 months now? How time flies!

Alhamdulillah, life has been good, been treating me and my husband well. More updates! Since the last posts, many things have been going on. Honeymoons, trips with husband and family, events, big events and also some small incidents and good times and more great times. So far, alhamdulillah, living life with no regrets.

A week (or two) after the wedding, we went on our honeymoon, just in the city area. We wanted to go celebrating our "penat lelah" with the wedding and what not. It was very hectic with the preparations months and months before the November 11th, so we decided to just go chilling and relax at the hotel for two nights. Went touristing with my lawful wedded husband in our very own Kuala Lumpur city.

A few weeks after that, we went to London & Paris for the real honeymoon-ing. LOL. We were there along with my family. The five of us were exploring entire London (& Paris) for approximately around 17 days(?), if I'm not wrong. Didn't get the chance to explore other European countries because we just loved London so much that we couldn't get enough just being there. (No, for real). 

Fast forward to January. Well we got back from London on January 7th and then whole entire month feels like whole entire year. Is it just me or last January really felt like forever? Oh well, survived January like a shero and continue with more city trips with my husband. We had this crazy (but fun) idea of swimming in at any rooftop/infinity pool, every weekend. We both really enjoy swimming (like so much) and it is one our favourite past time and ways to spend a quality time together. So we both agreed and we checked in to different hotels every weekend for their amazing pools.

Then February 27th came. Celebrated Mommy's birthday and we spent two nights in a 3-bedroom water chalet. It was nice, spending the time with family, playing cards and asking general knowledge questions, lie down on an open-sky balcony with the lights off, talked about stars and universe and how Earth exists, discussed of current issues, what's happening to the world, to our nations and what not. It was very calming yet interesting and beneficial things to talk about. I love how my father really explains and shares all information and knowledge that he knows to us kids. He is very wise and certainly a knowledgeable man.

And then March approached. Survived another month.

And we are here, in April. Like the Zoella lifestyle's calendar's saying "April showers, no rain no flowers." Now I know what it meant when I entered this month. It was horrible and exhausting at the beginning and I took a leap of faith that I know if I already decided I want to go through it, might as well just get through with it as soon as I can (in a fabulous way). I decided to quit my job and be a fulltime housewife. It was raining at first, now that I stayed at home, yes, it is full with flowers now. I live my life and I love it.

Do not worry, I am not jobless, I am just taking my time off and get ready for something bigger & sweeter :)

P/s: More blog posts coming up! 

Malina A.

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