Friday, July 19, 2013

Know Your Self-Worth, Your Value.


Based on the title above, I know I would be the last person to discuss or even to talk about this. Trust me, I've learned the hard way and is still learning. But recently, I encounter with so many "similar" cases of women who don't know their worth. They put their values on someone's hand instead of putting their own worth themselves.

I am pretty sure that most of you will not understand this, let me elaborate more.

You, as a woman, (I am generally pointing out women, since I am a woman, hence I cannot share and tell stories about men) you should know your worth by putting yourself first before anyone else. For example, you let people to do things to you while you have all the power not to let them do that to you!

Many of my girl friends, they came up to me and seek for my advice; which I think it is totally okay with me since I love it when people can depend on you and share you with their stories or problems. Maybe I have all the right things to say, maybe I tend to use harsh words for them to see what is going on because I'm pretty honest and straight-forward with whatever I say, or maybe that... I am just there for them? I don't know.

I will not reveal the problems, but first question that I will ask them, "WHAT IS YOUR VALUE? DO YOU KNOW YOUR OWN SELF-WORTH?". Then they will be like, speechless, trying to find the right words to say to me or might be giving excuses and blinking their eyes non-stop (battling eyelashes) and the best respond, "What is my self-worth? What is that?".

This is very sad, I tell you. Ladies, KNOW YOUR SELF-WORTH. How? Let me tell you.

You might not be able to see clear enough when I just tell you with random cases. I want to do a metaphor now. I want to put numbers to label the value, so that it will be easier for you to see how much you put the value to yourself.

Let's assume that your price is RM 1. Do you know how many people can buy you? Just like that? Even mat rempit can buy you. Are you that cheap enough to let some cheap guy to buy you and to have you? But not when you put your worth as expensive as Audi R8's price. Okay, not all of you go crazy after that awesome-car. I'll find another car. Hmm, Ferrari 458 Italia? When I mentioned the word "Ferrari", automatically your brain is like, "Whoaaahhhhh!". Yes! That's it!

Put your worth up high, know your value, your price; just like Ferrari. So that when people look at you, they are gonna like, "Oh maannnn, that's Ferrari! No one can get it. Only certain people can buy and own it. I am not dare enough to even go to the showroom, because I know don't have that amount of money to buy it." It is either that person will do their best to own it or just give up because they know they won't have it.

SEEEEEEEEEEE.... Can you see it?!

So, in real life, it should be like this (since you still cannot see the point of me comparing between you and Ferrari. Lewlz.)

All them people are gonna like, "Oh maannnn, she's (your name). No one can get her. Only certain people can get her. I feel ashamed to go and talk to her, because I know where I stand. She is way up there and I'm here."

Know your worth. Do you want to settle for less? Do you just want to let some random guys to be with you as long as you have someone to cuddle with? Ladies, that is settling for less. Stop doing that. Stop putting yourself low. Wake up, get up, know your worth. Don't let other people to do things to you, (bad and stupid things, I mean).

You have to be a lady in order to survive in this world. If you are still the same like you were few years back, then what's the point of living? Life is all about improving yourself and be a better person, everyday.

Alright, here's another metaphor.

Even iOS or any software in the world of technology, needs to be updated. What will happen if you just let them 'un-updated'? It will not be compatible and the software is going to work so slow and cannot fit into the technology environments/surroundings. Same goes to human being, my dear honeybees! If you do not update yourself, you are just like living in the ice age, forest, far away from civilizations; uncivilized, know nothing, in Bahasa Malaysia we say, "ketinggalan zaman". Update yourself, upgrade yourself! 

In order to compete in this world (which is moving rapidly now!), you need to upgrade yourself so that you will not feel left out. Be independent, I am telling you this because I have learned the hard way and I don't want you to learn the way I learnt. It is just awful, that is the reason why I am telling you this. I want you to be prepared in order to survive, proudly.

Okay, ladies. Now, repeat after me.

I will not let people do things to me anymore. I will...

Know my worth. I put values to myself. What is my price?

Be independent

Update myself, upgrade myself EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Keep the positivity in me

Do some self-discoveries assignments/tasks

Be grateful with what I have and with what I am

I hope this will help you. Just some simple stuff but I think it is a big deal for some people. Take a good care of yourself, ladies. Love yourself first before you love others. Let people see that you are not cheap and not an easy target for anybody to hurt you. You are strong, you are beautiful and unique just the way you are. Know your worth. Don't let other people define you. You have all the rights to define yourself in your own terms.

Thank you.

Malina Azman

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