Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello November!

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Salam. Hello again. And again, I apologize for the ‘emptiness’ of this blog. It has been quite a while since the last I posted and updated things for Malinalism. Life has been so hectic lately and Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah that I have such tight and busy schedule. Yeap, thank you because I really like it when my schedule is so occupied so that I will never have weird and unnecessary thoughts in my mind. I will keep myself busy since I always think of weird stuff when I got nothing to do. I really hate that.

So how are you doing? How is your 2013 so far? Update, update! Thank you again for those readers yang so rajin to send me emails and messages on Facebook. So sorry yea since I got no time to update this blog and God knows how much I keep procrastinating to update this blog. And also thank you for those who followed me on Twitter, Instagram and Keek for the microblog update rather than to just sit and wait for me to type panjang-panjang thru this blog. Hihi. I will still typing things here though I have those microblogs thingy.

Quick update yea? Ehem.

For my previous post, the “Sweet Escape”. I went to Pulau Kapas in Terengganu with my girlfriend, Mija. I went there for 3 days 2 nights during my trimester break. It was a day after I finished my last paper; Artificial Intelligence. We went there by bus, bertolak around 11pm like that (I think?) and reached Kuala Terengganu at 5am. Soooo freakin’ early! Mija and I were so sleepy but so excited at the same time. We grabbed a breakfast and jalan kaki to get a cab. With backpacks on our back and walked around town in the morning, with birds chirping and morning dew and also the breeze were just perfect to start an amazing day. Lucky enough, after half an hour of walking, we finally found a cab. Off to Merang Jetty and waited for a boat for like an hour. And hello, Pulau Kapas!

I was speechless, cannot believe that we actually have such beautiful island with crystal clear water and colourful fishes in Malaysia! Yeap, we were just that ‘jakun’. Checked ourselves in, and rest. Kapas Island Resort serves us with such awesome services and the staffs are so friendly. We had lunch and went for our first day of snorkelling. Had a great day, we were there for less than 24 hours and yet we felt like we were there for a week already! So many fun things to do in a day and you feel like the time goes so slow! We had fun, totally.

Day 2. Snorkelling again and snorkelling and anything to do with jungle and sunlight and beach and the ocean and the boat. And eat. Spoiled, we were a couple of spoiled brats, sunbathing and swimming with fishes and shades on like all the time. LOL!

Day 3… Let’s just put this way; WE HAD FUN! And saying goodbye to a beautiful island was the worst part. Mija and I were like, “Babe, let’s get back to our normal life. Bye, Pulau Kapas. Hello, KL…”.

Reached Merang Jetty, bought keropok lekor for Mommy (I think all of KL people will singgah to buy keropok lekor or satar or batik or anything in Terengganu before they went back to KL. Betul tak, my beloved KL lights? Hihi.)

Reached Kuala Terengganu, our bus scheduled to gerak to KL at 11pm. So while waiting for the bus, we decided to merayau around town. My beloved friend, Tasha brought us, drove us around town til late evening. Went to her house and checked out her own boutique and my friend’s sister came to culik us for dinner. (It is so freakin’ awesome when you have friends around the globe! LOL!). Thank you Tasha and Kak Iznee for your kindness and hospitality to treat us both like a princess. Hihi. Again, we had a great trip. Definitely gonna do it again! This time, Sipadan Island pula okay, ladies!

Malina Azman, x

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