Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I can't really recall what I did for the past months, especially after I spent the first week of my trimester break in Pulau Kapas the other day. I have to go through my photo album in my iPhone to keep track on what I did, and now I'm like "Oh, I did that! I did this! Oh that day, oh that night!" LOL! So right now, since photos are still in my iPhone (Still don't have much time to transfer photos to my laptop! So sorry!), can I just update on what I did for the whole October with words instead? Maybe I could upload the photos later? :(

After my trip to Pulau Kapas, I went to East Coast again, this time to Kelantan pula. 3-day road trip in Kelantan and Kuala Terengganu with my mom and my sister. Then Daddy was in Malaysia for a week for Eid Adha. We went to Malacca, Zoo Negara, around KL to shop and eat and hang out and as usual, if Daddy balik, surely we gonna do our usual road trip and vacations.

On October 13th, Alhamdulillah, my friend Ika selamat diijabkabul with her husband, Aniq. The akad nikah happened at Ika's place in Dengkil and too bad I couldn't attend and witness the beautiful ceremony. And the wedding reception was held a week after at Bora Ombak in Ampang. Congratulations to both Ika and Aniq! You guys are such a cute couple! Be happy always and may Allah bless you both with lots of love, joy and happiness til Jannah. Amin :)

And what else yeah? Nothing much ever since Daddy went back to Doha and I continue my life in Cyberjaya. Attended classes and meetings, did my homework, studying and had fun with my friends, watched Thor and my fitness class every evening at 6pm and spent my time at Grand Hyatt KL. That is all.

And oh yes, today is November 5th, so happy 24th anniversary to my beloved Mommy & Daddy! Despite of your 8-year-old-long-distance-relationship, it definitely brings nothing but more love, more rezeki and more bless from Allah. Alhamdulillah. I am so proud to call and have you as my parents. You both are the best, always and forever. Thank you for everything, thank you for being so supportive, loving and caring and all-positive-things that I can learn from you both. I love you so so so so very much! P/s: To Daddy, I know you are reading this (Hihi.) we miss you! Thank you for being the coolest dad on Earth! Balik Malaysia cepat meh! Love you! Happy anniversary :) x

Malina Azman, x

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