Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Little Something For You Readers


It's May 7th today (Aww man, I should have posted a blog three days back instead! So I can greet you with "May the 4th Be With You." LOL!) Things been pretty hectic lately and I am aware that the last blog post was back in February 1st! Gee, I am truly sorry. Hope you guys understand that I am juggling with loads of things (Not gonna repeat myself of what I have been up to), so what's up ladies? And gentlemen, if they were any (?)

It is a very hot day today, so I literally sitting in front of my tower fan in the room while typing out words on my laptop. As I am typing out words here, all by myself, I can't help but to think "Is there any reader(s) left on my blog?" Honestly, ada lagi ke orang baca blog? Ahh, blame the technologies. Stop expanding your knowledge to get more ideas on how to build better ways to connect with people, you IT nerds! (Just kidding, you guys doing GREAT!) :) (y)

As usual, I am going to rant a bit (no, a lot actually!) about those days I have been gone through for the past three months. I had fun but life is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, sometimes you're going to scream your lungs out loud, sometimes you decided just to throw up, sometimes you're climbing so slow to get to the top, and you're falling too fast and well, at the end of the day, you're gonna say to yourself, "Hey, not bad. You're still holding on, you can take a few rides more."

Well, the point is, life is a continuous journey. You never really stop learning, never really give up, you're still here, reading my blog, still! (if you don't skip this part) and I really hope you can erase the word "give up" in your life dictionary. You don't need it unless Channing Tatum is happily married to his wife and oh yeah, he is happily married. So why don't you just give up, Malina? LOL!

So what I really learned from others that I keep telling myself thousands of time not to be like that because it is just as bad as goat's cheese? So whatever you do...

1) Don't be a mood killer/spoiler. People are gonna hate you so bad that they don't really mind if you're not there. I've learned the hard way. So yeah, don't be a spoiler!

2) Don't waste other people's time. People nowadays are so cocky wearing gold watches around their wrists but they have cheap time. Time is gold-er than your watches, people!

3) Don't be rude. Especially to your family and even to your friends! You might not get the 'instant slap' now, but, trust me, you are not going to have a happy life. Sooner or later, God will show you right in front of your eyeballs.

4) Don't tweet about... Umm... Something that makes people gonna judge you in a bad way? I mean, watch your mouth, especially for the ladies. Those 'F' word, all other cursing words, you can say it LIVE in your life but not type it out letter by letter on Twitter. That, my lady, is not how a lady should act. So watch your mouth, guuurrrllll.

5) Don't stomp your feet or slam doors or slam things to show that you are protesting something. If you are a little kiddo (I assume that you might be around 5 years old?) but if you are like, 20 plus plus PLUS, ma'am, I suggest you to go back to kindergarten. We, mature people, don't do that.

6) Don't stop believe in yourself. That is the most important thing ever. People can say you this and that, but if you have a strong mind that tells you not to give up and just keep going, you are SOMETHING. People cannot break you because you're as strong as titanium. YEAH! *shows little muscles*

Malina Azman, x

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