Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daddy says,

When you get 4 flat for GPA or CGPA, you show it like this.

When you get 2.00, show like this. Just, cukup-cukup untuk hidup kat paras hidung.

But when you get below 2.00, there you are, tenggelam. Tak dapat diselamatkan.

Exams over! FINALLY! My first paper was on Sept 20th and today, 27th is my last one. Alhamdulillah, no more "all nighter" status and no more of eye bags and sleep deprivations or that eating disorder of not wanting to eat anything since I was too nervous for exams thing and stuff. No more of heartache or headache or body-ache or brain-ache. No more of memorizing notes. No more of calculations and formulas. Well, for this semester lah of course. There are lots more coming for upcoming semesters! And eavesdropped (sorry) some Chinese guy's conversation with his friends while I was on my way back to the apartment from campus. He was like, "Merdekaaaa! Waahhh, merdeka for 3 months, then we have another brain-ache like this again." He says it all. LOLers! Phew. And hello to stress-free day! I am sooooo excited for this semester break. Only for 3 weeks but I vowed to myself that I will make the best out of it. And surprisingly, I have early plans and tight schedule for next month. Look forward to deal with October's agendas. I just love being busy traveling and do outdoor stuffs. And no, I won't touch a single book during this holiday. But of course, need to finish up my Sparks' Safe Haven. Haven't finished it yet! Its been a very hectic week for me, this whole September. Promise myself that I will finish it by end of this semester break! :)

To MMU people, happy holidays and enjoy your break! We all deserved to be pampered due to such pressure from the finals. Let's sleep 24/7! LOL! Have fun and take care of yourself!

Malina Azman, x

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