Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekday-ing with Nissa J

If you have my Instagram account, you can see the picture of her on my page. Yes, that was her kerja. She instajacked me!

2006 dan sampai langit ke tujuh

Assalamualaikum. I am now a free woman. I mean, free from exams and studies stuff for now. LOL! I'm on my semester break for 3 weeks starting today and this post is not about that. I've already posted about exams and stuff on the previous one. The reason I write this blog post is, want to share you my 4-day memories with my girlfriend, Nissa Jamal. So it started since last Monday til Thursday (today). She followed me back to my apartment in Cyberjaya. She wanted to do her research/assignment but I didn't see the progress of that assignment at all. I was busy studying for my finals, but still I cannot give 100% focus since she has this vibe of making me feel so malas but in a good way! Hahah! We were singing out loud, jamming, laughing out loud and she learnt how to live my life. She tweeted, " Hidup dgn @malinazman, memang betul ajar hidup susah :'( " LOL! I taught her with my sleep pattern, my so called 'perfect' timing to have meals, and she came on my last week in Cyberjaya so basically, my home is now left with nothing. Fridge is almost empty and everybody will left this place for breaks, so yeah. She had to follow my way and so sorry dude. It's just that, its almost end of month and end of semester, so technically I have nothing. Not even cash or things. But, we had fun though macam-macam obstacles we've been through with that temptation of wanting everything though tinggal habuk je dalam accounts and had that "mood swings". We went for swimming in my campus to release the stress. Thank you for always being there for me and eventhough you are one of a hell punya tahap annoying but that's you! And sadly, I need to deal with it, you allsss. Kalau tak, siapa lagi :D Good luck with everything!

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