Monday, September 17, 2012


So I had lunch at Ben's in KLCC earlier today, with my mom. I've been eating at Ben's more than a dozen times now and I didn't realized on how awesome it was to put those questionnaires on the table to keep the customers away from phone and interact with people in front of them. That is a brilliant way! Similarly at The Bee, they will put drawings in a cup on the table and provides the customer with crayons to ensure that the people will interact among themselves instead of playing with their phones or gadgets. It was awesome, man! Well, I did realized earlier until it come to sense that it is actually good for someone who's having a first date. That was my thought, this evening. Ben's is actually a great place for you to have a date, especially the first one! Want to know why? Huh? Huh? It is because those questionnaires I've been saying for the past 15 seconds are made for those who wants to know or curious about the other person! It might helps, you may not know all of it but at least you have the idea of how that person is and how well he or she is (to test their patience, their fluency in speaking or communicating with others and so forth). And that is best idea so that the two of you will not feel awkward or there might be a cricket's sound while, you're, eating? So that you won't feel bored or anything. It is meant for lighting up the mood, you see. If not, the date would be a waste, isn't it? Well, I have some questions that I love and I want to answer it here. And believe me, they were more than 50 questions! It was in a black or yellow box, on the table, with white deck of cards. Each card contains a question. So yeah, it has like more than 50 cards there. You just flip em over to the next once you've asked them the question! Simple right?

So, my 7 favourite questions that I've found are:

1) What do you wish you could see from your bedroom window?
2 scenes! It is either the view of the busiest city life ever or the serenity of the ocean. Then my house would be either in the city or on the beach :)

2) What superpower would you like to have and how would you use it?
I would like to have the power of reading people's mind and understanding their actions. It's just that conflict happens when you misunderstood or misjudged someone because you don't understand what is going on or what is in his head. Right? So yeah, I would choose that. Not those invisible or lifting heavy things, no?

3) What in life are you most proud of?
Well, so far, I think the most impressive stuff I've ever gone through was, back in 2003 until 2007. I was an athlete, tracks'. Those tracks' medals are now hanging on the wall in my room. Never been that much of proud. Plus, I opened a booth in Publika on April this year. Did it for fun and yet I gained so much stuff from it. Alhamdulillah.

4) What shouldn't you eat in a first date?
Ah-ha! This question is too awesome to be true! For me, you shouldn't eat makanan yang hanyir. You know, hanyir? Smells fishy. For example, Laksa, Sardine, Eggs and of course, sambal belacan! Such turn offs! And no, durian and petai are still acceptable. But not those dish I've written.

5) If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
I would write a book based on my life experiences. I know that people wouldn't read or buy it, but still. I just have so much to say and to share my experiences in life with you alls. But not bibliography stuff. Its just, real life stories. Something like Nicholas Sparks' pieces.

6) How do you reduce stress?
First, by driving around town. Next, eat something sweet like, any desserts will do. Or maybe swimming. Then, the last resort would be, shopping!

7) What is a good pickup line?
"Sudikah awak menjadi yang halal buat saya?". Awwwhhhh~ Seriously, this is the bestest line ever! I'm 22, so I aim for marriage stuff, not boyfriend girlfriend thingies. So that line is made for mature people. Definitely not for kids.

So yeahhhh, there you go! Go and check out more questions at Ben's or maybe other alternative ways in more restaurants to keep you off from phones! Please do mix with people and get socialized! Go and work your pie-hole out to keep your friends and family entertained! :D

Malina Azman, x

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