Saturday, January 26, 2013

Laundry Picks @ The Curve

Came to support them both :)

Nabeel Z & Emilia Z

Mordo Blasters



With Nabeel, Emilia and Marz

With Nelly D

Awesome job, guys! It was awesome! We all loved it :)

Laundry Picks, every Thursday night

My awesome people; Nelly and Nabeel

So we all went to Laundry at The Curve, last Thursday (Jan 17th) with bunch of other MMU dudes and dudettes. We all came to support our dearest friends; Nabeel and Emilia to perform a live show (Gig show, to be exact) at Laundry, The Curve. It wasn't their first time performing in front of people, but we all think that, "Hey, this could be huge, man! Could be awesome!" So yeah, why not kan, datang to support them and enjoy the music. There were, I think 4 or 5 other bands/groups/solos performing that night and I had a great time, enjoying new and fresh music to be registered in my brain. I was like, "Ohkay, these songs are nice. Boleh terhangguk-hangguk and kaki sibuk nak tap-tap kat lantai." To be honest, it was my first time (kot?) to be in Laundry and first time to witness a live show like that. I think so? Well, for music-wise like that lah, those gigs and stuff. Selalunya went to see orchestra at the philharmonic hall (MPO) in KLCC. Yeah, first time for everything right? Don't worry, I went to support my friends and enjoy the music. Bukan minum or terkinja-kinja or smoking or whatever. Just, that :) And to Nabeel and Emilia, you guys did an amazing job! Good music, good vibe. The whole Laundry loved it! Keep it up! *love*

Malina Azman, x

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