Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Hello there!

Usrah MMU Cyberjaya

Hello, Shah Alam!

Attended the ceramah Ambang 13 Ustaz Azhar Idrus in Dataran Shah Alam

Sea of blessed people, in Shaa Allah.

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah, here we are, still breathing, safe and sound, pretty much alive though dah masuk pun tahun baru. Tak kisah lah masuk tahun baru Masihi or Hijrah, but apa yang kita semua tahu, setiap hari yang berlalu mengingatkan kita tentang getting much older and wiser and lagi dekat dengan kematian. And bila dah fikir macam tu, mula lah rasa gelabah, takut nak pergi and tinggalkan dunia sebab masih belum cukup amalan nak kumpul untuk akhirat nanti.

This goes to me as a reminder. Masih belum cukup lagi amalan untuk dibawa ke muka pengadilan nanti. Seriously, there are so much things I haven't achieved yet; both worldly and for hereafter. Okay, enough with the one-and-a-half-paragraph of introduction.

So my friend; Aishah and I just got back from our class and we went for lunch and the initial plan was to just drop her off at the female's hostel in the campus and I went home. Supposedly lah kan. As I was driving towards the hostel, I saw MMU bus, parked kat tepi jalan. Then I asked Aishah, "Eh, bus tu nak pergi mana? *kpochi*" then dengan selambanya she replied, "Oh, Usrah ada buat rombongan pergi dengar ceramah Ustaz Azhar Idrus hari ni." I was like, say whuuttttt??!!! Ustaz Azhar Idrus?! I love him and his way of answering questions from people. Selamba je but true though! Fikir sendiri, ikut logic, Islam itu indah and senang. Then I saw my friend, Bai; he joined the rombongan (part of the committee, rasanya) and he was busy with his guy friends and I asked him muat lagi tak bus, kena bayar or anything ke apa. And he said it is free, and bus isn't full. So yes, Aishah and I pun main random je nak join despite the fact that we were wearing jeans instead of baju kurung or jubah or anything decent clothes to wear to such event and also eventhough we both ada tests for these coming weeks.

And Aishah asks, "I've been thinking of going actually, but tu lah, kita kan ada test, tak study lagi. And ceramah ni habis lambat, after midnight. Solat jemaah semua kat sana." It is true that we have loadsss of exams now but I thought, why not? I've never celebrated new year, this way, I mean, random awesome like this. Usually, sampai boleh serabut otak fikir nak celebrate kat mana and nak pakai baju apa and dengan siapa and macam mana nak pergi apa semua. And selalunya wajib untuk orang celebrate new year to see fireworks. Countdown. Cheers and bubbles. Dang, used to experience that back in 2011's New Year's celebration at The Curve. Zaman jahiliah lagi, tak tahu apa-apa.

And 2 years after, here I am, went to ceramah Ustaz Azhar Idrus in Shah Alam with a big smile on my face, experiencing new way of entering the new year and with a hope that my life would be blessed by Allah. I need that blessings. I need that, really.

We sat on the grass, at the Dataran Shah Alam, listening to things I never heard before, about the beautiful Islam and its way of life. I, somehow feel, so calm. To be in that crowd, approximately 120,000++ people filled up the place, I've never felt this joyful feeling before. Muslims that came to the ceramah, datang dengan satu niat and satu harapan, to be blessed by Allah. In Shaa Allah. What a beautiful feeling.

Even niat kita untuk menghadiri majlis ilmu macam tu pun, dapat pahala tau! Kalau niat dah lain, hmm, you all sendiri fikir lah. Lewlz! Awesome speakers yang ada that night, Diana Amir, Abby Abadi, Pierre Andre, Kamal Adli, Aziz M Osman, Ustaz Sheikh Ali from Syria and more Ustaz' and one and only, Ustaz Azhar Idrus of course. People might asks simple questions and to us, nampak macam remeh, but it is actually something. And Ustaz Azhar Idrus, answered it well, with his jokes. He is just so funny! We were laughing out loud kot! Aishah pun boleh gelak macam gila malam tu. LOL! We had fun, yes.

Let's just hope that this new year brings the good in all of us. It is the blank page of a 365-page book. Let's write an awesome one. May Allah bless you all :)

Malina Azman, x

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