Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello there! I'm back!

Hello! Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarrakatuh.
Oh my gosh, it feels like years since the last time I updated this blog! Finally got the time to update this dusty blog and believe me I was trying so hard to curi masa to update blog before, but was too occupied with workloads and responsibilities. And here I am, back again as a blogger bebas. Sorry to myself because I was too busy sampai tade masa to chill and update this blog and sorry to readers yang selalu visit my blog yang dah lama tak update ni. I got quite a number juga from visitors and ada yang dah email tanya, "Malina, bila nak update blog?", "You're not blogging anymore?" and so on. Sorry sangat sangat yea. Now, its time for me to berceloteh sampai you alls rasa menyesal visit this page. LEWLZ! *krukk krakk, exercise jari before menaip*

Well, hello there! I'm doing good so far. The last time I blogged, was few months ago, on February I think? Now it's already April and Alhamdulillah semua berjalan dengan lancar. But its normal lah kan, there are ups and downs in life. So yeah, I tak terlepas from all that. Too many crisis happened but not to mention, ada juga happy times. Daddy was back in Malaysia for almost a month lebih, and now he balik sana already. And the good news is that, I'm going to stay there with him soon! The last time I went to Doha, back in 2011. Stayed there for 4 months and now I'll be back in Doha again and goodbye Kuala Lumpur! I just need some time alone with my family and I think I made the right choice. Family is all I have and is all I need now :)

And how about studies? Ramai sangat dah yang tanya, "Hey Malina, you dah habis study ke? You still doing degree in MMU? Why lama sangat? Bila nak habis?". To answer all of your questions, nope I belum habis degree. Yes I'm still in MMU. Why lama sangat? Because I suka belajar lama-lama? LOL! I'm gonna take my time. No rush. Buat apa habis awal but belum boleh dapat kerja lagi kan? I don't mind about money and all that. In Shaa Allah, rezeki Allah tu ada kat mana-mana. No matter lah whether buat umur muda or tua. If dah murah rezeki, murah lah. Tak perlu nak kejar sana-sini. I even have my own savings (bukan nak berlagak yea, hanya beritahu sahaja) at this age, so everything is cool. Tak semestinya bila dah kerja baru nak ada saving kan? Masa tengah belajar ni, lagi banyak boleh save duit (or main saham ke) since tak perlu nak bayar roadtax, rumah and all that. True right?

And masa I hilang for 2 months tak ber-blog ni, ada juga yang bertanya, "Bila you nak kahwin?". Well, I admit that sometimes ada juga terasa nak kahwin and have a family and to raise kids and all that, but what to do, jodoh belum sampai. Kalau ada, ada lah. If bujang sampai mati, its okay. Ada yang menyambut di pintu syurga nanti. Cewaahhh. In Shaa Allah :) Lately ni I banyak dapat wedding invitations from my friends. Alhamdulillah, semoga berkekalan sehingga ke syurga yea! Amin. Ada yang dah bertunang; kahwin jangan lupa ajak yea! And recently, both of my cousin; Shila and Kak Long selamat melahirkan baby boy (both in March). I haven't met them yet, but soon I will! In Shaa Allah. Hanya tengok dalam gambar je and I bet they must be so cute in person too! Yay! And every weekend now asyik kena pergi wedding je sampai terpaksa ulang baju yang sama! LOL! But I'm welcoming for more invitations! Meh sini, In Shaa Allah, I'll try to make it for you, loves!

Nowadays orang dah busy with social networks and stuff. So whoever yang guna smartphone, surely won't leave behind with this new apps to be installed. Kan kan? Dulu zaman MySpace then berubah ke Facebook and paling digemari ramai; Twitter. Up until today, ramai lagi yang masih active with Twitter. So does Facebook. And paling popular, Instagram of course. Semua busy sibuk nak upload pictures sana sini. And the latest one now, KEEK! Hahah! I, sebagai pengguna smartphone, tak kan tertinggal to install it. I have a Keek account. Nothing much, merepek videos je. And paling latest! Guess what's the latest trend for now? WeChat! LOL! I dah lama install it in my phone but lately ni tiba-tiba boom since ada TV ad Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam buat Harlem Shake thru WeChat. It is an awesome app, guys! Download it okay! Boleh video and voice chat hari-hari sampai you all bosan *jakun mak enon* LOL!

I'll be turning 23 this year and surprisingly I don't feel old. Like before this, I asyik rasa macam tua sangat dah but not now. Maybe because I'm still a student kot? Or I don't know. So many things to look forward to. After finishing my degree, I want to continue doing Masters. Masters in Business Admin. MBA you alls! I want, I want! Tak sabarnya nak habis degree! I want to do Masters and kerja and at least half million dah ada dalam account by 30. AT LEAST! Mesti! I want to own my own car. Tak nak rumah because I want to stay with my family. 30. That would be... 7 years more. Studies akan habis by 26. Then kerja. 4 years to collect half million. Haa, cano tu jang? I can do it! Yeah! Doakan kejayaan saya yea :B

That's it. No more cakap sorang-sorang. Orang baca, boleh yawn beratus kali. It's time for me to update whatever happened in previous months. Kepada anda semua, selamat maju jaya! All the best in everything you do and remember, DON'T GIVE UP ON GOOD THINGS :) xx

Malina Azman

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