Sunday, April 7, 2013

That moment when your car died while you're driving

Terima kasih bestfriend, kerana sudi membantu though memang tak boleh nak start pun

Tetap terukir senyuman

Prihatin or kpochi? :D

Meet Juey, Aarief, Nabeel

Lengchai aaaa.

Juey and I

Our tagline of the day: This is fun.

It was on Monday I think, but cannot remember the date. Juey and I had dinner and was on our way back home. I was driving Juey's car since she was so lazy to drive herself, so yeah, I was driving that night. Everything was okay at first until we both heard this sound of tyre or engine buat hal. Thought it was nothing until we both bau macam plastic terbakar. We were climbing up the hill masa tu and I nampak engine macam berasap but I thought it was still nothing until masa nak turun bukit tu, all of a sudden je engine mati and I cannot press the brake pedal nor the accelerate pedal. I was a bit panicking and I asked Juey, "Juey, kenapa I tak boleh tekan brake?". And kereta turun laju ke bawah and the only thing I boleh fikir masa tu just to wait to sampai tempat rata and tarik handbrake slowly. Alhamdulillah, managed to pull over by the busy roadside. Thank goodness lah kat situ ramai orang, bukan tempat sunyi. Called my bestfriend and we waited in the car for almost half an hour. And in the meantime tu, Juey has made such amazing thing ever! Well, umm, I don't think I'm allowed to tell you here. Let's just say that, Juey is my hero and no girls can do that. I repeat, NO GIRLS CAN DO THAT. Okay, zip my face. Hahah!

So bestfriend arrived with this jump-start to jump start the car? Sorry, too bimbo with this mechanical terms. Betul lah jump start! Right? And it doesn't work. So we had to leave the car kat tepi jalan and balik apartment. It was already late at night and I got exams the next day and decided to settle about the car after finished with my papers. So bestfriend dropped us off and we were waiting for Marz to pick us up. Thank you for both Marz and bestfriend. You're our life saver(s)! :B Balik apartment, sambung study and tidur. My first paper was held early in the morning and that noon.

After habis paper I, Juey, Aarief, Nabs and I off to the scene (where we left the car), so happy to see that the car was still there! Hahah! And off to the workshop near by. Got this awesome lengchai, fixed it for us. For an hour juga lah, we all tunggu. Turned out, the battery dah terus habis and pipe apa entah bocor. The coolant I think. And after that, we had dinner with Nissa. Talked about business and stuff. We had fun though. "This is fun." with them loves :)

Malina Azman

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