Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walk a thousand miles

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I am sorry for not updating anything on this blog ever since I was busy with some preparations back in KL for this trip and now here I am, in Doha. Taking my time off, away from hectic and crazy life in Kuala Lumpur. Been here for 3 weeks plus now, gotta spend more time with Daddy. Redeeming our missing quality-time! And the reason I stay here (looking for more reasons, LOL!), is that I need to "muhasabah diri" in order for me to back on track once I'm in Malaysia in one month time. Will be staying here for 2 months and I really hope, (REALLY hope) that everything is gonna be alright and will be according to plan. In Shaa Allah.

First thing first, about my studies. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me chance to do subject registration for next trimester without any problem and even the LOA application I applied about a month ago. Everything went well, even with my friends. Got the chance to meet them before I fly off to Doha. Yay! You guys are the best! (Y) *hugs* And yes, I have more reasons but let me just keep it in my brain. Too detailed is no good! :D

So, forget it. TRAVEL MODE: ON.

Aww yeaaahhhh.

I am having the time of my life here, well at least that's what I think. My daily routine? It is 7 in the morning now. Usually this is now my sleeping time but decided not to. Because Sissy and I are planning to work our asses out at the gym later, around 9am. Oh-gahddd. We postponed it since last two Thursdays already! Keep on postponing, we were like, "Eh, tomorrow pergi gym okay!". But instead of working out, we were snoozing all the way until noon. LOL! But no, not this time. There will be some changes around here.

Daddy usually will wake us up to perform Subuh. Then we will 'sambung tidur' until 9 am, had breakfast and off to gym. And then, mandi and eat some more and watch TV, prepare for lunch. Perform for both Zuhur and Asr, next, probably watch TV or sleep or at times, out for a mini trip around Doha. If I didn't prepare for lunch, Daddy will take us out, feed our tummies up for some Arabic food. Then maybe, after-lunch shopping session. LOL! Will be back home before Isya' starts. Watch TV, eat some more and ah-ha! Ceramah time! First thing Daddy said when we arrived Doha, (say it like Ahmad Nisfu dalam cerita "Tiga Abdul"), "Dalam rumah ini, ada undang-undang. Undang-undang pertama; jangan tinggal solat. Solat mesti on time. Yang kedua, kena dengar ceramah on YouTube before tidur. Satu hari, satu ceramah. Kalau tinggal satu ceramah, redeem for the next day (meaning that, esok nya we all kena dengar 2 ceramah. Huhu), and mesti makan; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tak boleh skip. And last but not least, kena tidur before 12 midnight. No TV, no phone, no internet, no laptop. Tidur so that senang to bangun Subuh."

And for my friends, who've been complaining "Malina, awat tak boleh nak contact you thru phone?! I ada WeChat you, Whatsapp you, LINE you, Viber you, text you (haa hambek kau, semua keluar)." Sorry guys, tade line kat sini. I'm using a telco yang belum establish for international used and cannot receive any notifications pun since its written here on my phone screen "NO SERVICE". Please be informed. But you can contact me thru Twitter! Hehe.

On an unrelated note, I am proud to be the 48kg-Malina Azman. Yup, my current weight is 48 kg. The heaviest I can get for now. I've always been the 39 kg girl and 42 kg was the heaviest weight and trust me, I was struggling so hard to be faaaaaat! Well, not fat, but just a bit heavier than before. Too bored to have 39 kg bones and meat since I was in primary school. Two kilos to go to meet the target. 50 kg before I land my feet on Tanah Malaya. Wish me luck! *tunjuk lemak*

Kalau boleh (kalau lah boleh), tak nak balik Malaysia dah. But apakan daya, MMU tetap dihati. LOL! Until then, Assalamualaikum.

Malina Azman
Doha, QA

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