Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Melaka, Malaysia

Hello, rakyat Melaka! :)

Medan Selera, Alai, Melaka

Some fresh stuff here!

Ambal masak cili

Kerang rebus

Air kelapa adalah wajib if makan kat tepi pantai :D

Butter prawn

Ikan bakar. I'm not sure ikan apa, kerapu kot?

There, ambal and kerang. My FAV!

Dalam bakul dah penuh ikan, udang, ambal and kerang. Mata sibuk memandang nak ketam and sotong. Malina si tamak. Pantang jumpa seafood, rasa macam nak telan semua :D

Decided to stay one night in Seri Costa in Bandaraya Melaka

Sooooo many lauk!

Ketam masak lemak. Yumm! (Don't ask me about the getah please, I also tak perasan masa makan tu. LOL!)

Menara Taming Sari, Melaka

The pasar! I don't know the name but its a great place, to shop for souvenirs?

Masjid Selat Melaka

The best apam balik in town! (Y)

Haroo! We went to Melaka the other day after we were busy browsing for trees and what plants to be planted in our front and backyard. Was so busy and exhausted that day and thought that we would treated ourselves with some good food for our big tummies so Sissy asked, "Jom pergi Melaka?". So, yeah. We went straight to Melaka and reached there at about 8pm-ish.

Usually, if nak makan seafood yang murah, most Malaysians would say, "Pergi Umbai lah!", but no way Jose! I have a new place that is much better than that! (I think? Because I've never been to Umbai before. Hahak!). It is called, Alai. Yes, Alai in Melaka. About 10 minutes away from Bandaraya Melaka. Bukan walking distance yea. Kang you alls pergi jalan kaki pula, memang jenuh and kecil betis nak berjalan from bandar. LOL!

So there this place called, Medan Selera Alai, siap pintu gerbang! Dah sampai kat area tu, you can see that the whole stretch tu adalah syurga bagi penggemar seafood! I was like so rambang mata, tak tahu nak pergi kedai mana and of course I chose the freshest ingredients in the house. There were, ikan, udang, sotong, ketam (Ya Allah! Fresh gila ketam dia!), KERANG (yumm!), ambal, and you just name it! Semua ada! Well, except for sharks? Hihi.

Ordered air kelapa without the ice and drank straight from the buah itself, oh gosh, life was so perfect at that time. I couldn't asked for more! And it was the first time in my life (ever!), I makan just the lauk, without the nasi. Ah-ha! Well, it was worth it. So we ordered, ambal, udang, ikan and kerang. For 5 people and drinks and all that, costs only RM100 something. MURAH KAAANNN??? Gaaaahhhh! I want to go and makan kat sana lagi soon! Yeayers!

We finished makan at almost midnight, so nak balik KL pun macam tak seronok dah because its already late, and we decided to stay one night at Seri Costa in Bandaraya Melaka. The hotel was okay. At least we have a place to stay. If nak tidur dalam kereta pun boleh, but tak selesa lah kan. So we didn't bring any extra clothes or toothbrush and all, we went out and shop dekat uptown/downtown in Dataran Pahlawan, Bandaraya Melaka. We bought basic needs at 7-Eleven and baju tidur. A day well spent! (Y)

Day 2. Had breakfast at the hotel. Got ready and checked out from hotel and more food-hunting! Went to this kedai, I can't remember the name, its very famous for Asam Pedas rasanya and we will go there to eat for lunch every time we're in Melaka. So yeah, went there for lunch. We had everything! Ketam, ayam, sotong, ikan, sayur, ulam and all. Complete dah semua jenis seafood untuk berenang di dalam perutku. Lewlz!

Then jalan kaki ke mana-mana, and spent some more time in Melaka and balik KL. Oh we had fun! I love random road trips liddis :B

Malina Azman

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