Friday, September 6, 2013

How to stay positive?

"Malina, enough with posting more photos! We want you to type out words and tell us everything that you have done in the past two months!". Alright, I bet no one could ever say that. You all would prefer to just see photos instead of read whatever words I posted. LOL! (Yeah guurrrlll, I read your mind.) And whatever thing that I am about to post later has got nothing to do with the picture above. That is just me, trying out for my presentation's outfit. Was that freakin' out "Oh my god, what to wear for tomorrow's presentation! Take my photo so that I know how do I look for tomorrow!" So yeah.

This time I won't apologize why I have not updated my blog since July. Been too busy with my studies and my part-time job and my other job. July and August are training me hard to be a great juggler. Well, hello September! We meet again. Please be better than last year, it was no good and I really hope you can give something wonderful for me to look forward to.

Well, to recall on what I did in July, I think, most probably I attended hundreds of meetings, handled hundreds of people and interviewed too many people for my project. And not to mentioned, I also learned a lot of things. Like, A LOT. Other than busy with my assignments and projects, tests, exams and quizzes, I was (and still am) busy juggling with my two other jobs. As a financial consultant and also as the co-creator of The Maju Project, I need to stay positive, stay focused and stay committed around the clock.

I have no time to feel negative and frankly speaking, I got no time at all to mingle around and entertain those negative people out there. It is not I am too positive now, it is just that sometimes I feel like why do I have to bother with people's negativity that can affect the positivity in me? So I choose to stay away from those bad vibes and drag myself to be with more positive people.

It is actually not that hard for you to be good and feel good all the time. Well, not ALL the time but at least you know how to manage the problem without feeling stress and you are just too positive to feel down or gloomy. How can you stay positive? First, do not ask that question. Ask yourself, "How can I BE positive?". Ask that and different people will have different ways of having the happy feelings. Like for me, I would normally do this...

Whenever I want to go sleep, lights off, lie on the bed and think, "Okay Malina, what have you done today? Have you achieved something today?" If no, then you are still a negative person, if yes, then, welcome my love... So what if it is no? Ask yourself again, "So what should I achieve tomorrow? What should I do? Something that can make me feel, satisfied with my own effort and I feel useful." I don't know, that works for me. I don't know about you guys. LOL! The tricky part is not how to be positive, it is HOW TO STAY POSITIVE?

This is the hardest part. I failed too many times already. I thought I am a positive person that give good vibes to others but I cannot stay positive for too long if there's something or anything that can make me feel so stressful. For example, when you encounter with rude people. Ohmygod, this is the worst! I thought I was positive enough, like, "Oh yes, I'm gonna do my best today and I will smile no matter what happen. No cursing for today, Malina." And then, poof! Rude people in front of my face. Here comes the bad vibes.

"Learning is by doing it.", it means like practice makes perfect. That's what my boss always tells me. In order to stay positive, you have to encounter with all kinds of people and dramas and situations and bullcraps before you can learn on how to master it. Experience. With these past few months, I have learned a lot of stuff that make me to become a positivi-er person.

What I would usually do when I encounter with negative people,

1) Smile. Just smile. I know it's killing you inside, but just smile. It kills them harder, seriously.
2) If they are still negative, ask them, why and what's wrong.
3) Discuss about the topic, not about the people when you argue or give opinions. In order to get into an argument, I suggest you to gain more knowledge (by reading a lot of stuff) so that you are the one who has the brain, not them.
4) If they say "Whatever" to your face, tell them "Seriously?"
5) Walk away and never talk to them again. LOL!

Sometimes, all you need to do is to have the guts to walk away from these negative-minded people. They are not worth it and they should just learned the hard way. That is all. It works, I managed to stay away from them and now all they want is to be positive. NO number 4 and 5 so far. Alhamdulillah, they can see the benefits of being positive and spreading the good vibes to other people. See, it is not that hard. Just show some good examples and next thing you know, they all want a bit of the good energy. It is contagious, a good one of course. Let's be positive, change our mindset, spread the good vibes and kill the negative aura in your life. You don't have to be strong to be positive, you just have to have the knowledge and the brain to know what's good and what's wrong, inshaAllah, you can master the positive energy. Good luck to you all and me as well :)

Malina Azman

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