Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10 Don'ts - Food photography

My love towards photography is beyond infinite. You can ask my friends or my family members, if you got a chance to do so, how passionate I am when there is something interesting for me to capture either to keep those photos in my iPhone or post it on Instagram or delete it right after I took it. That is basically normal. Everyone does that! But that doesn't mean I'm a photographer, I am just a kid who is lucky enough to own some of cool stuff and see awesome things around me. Alhamdulillah for that.

I am very passionate when it comes taking photos especially for food. I have my own food microblogs (Instagram, FoodSpotting) so I take it seriously to take photos of those food, to post it on my microblogs and to share it with you. But, I have my own "Dos & Don'ts" on whether it is appropriate or necessary, enough, to take photos of the cuisine I am having at that moment.

Never imagined in my head, that I will take photos of the food I am having at the dinner table with my future husband or his family or with my family at a family gathering or anything similar. NEVER! That is just too much. Wait, someone ever did that? Gosh, sorry for saying this, I am not trying to judge, but, guuurrrlllll... put away your phone!

Can't believe what I typed just now. Seriously? I can't seem to digest that though I typed it out myself. LOL!

Well anywaysssss, back to our stuff. So these are the DON'Ts. Taking photos of the food or posting/sharing it to the public are not always necessary or appropriate when... 

1) As I mentioned earlier, don't take photos when you are at a family gathering or having dinner with your in-laws or with your spouse or high school reunion. Respect them, alright!

2) When your friends/family members are talking to you. How could you busy playing with your phone or taking photos of the food with that clicking sound or maybe with a couple of flashes too when they are talking to you? Pay attention to them and what they are saying. Taking photos can wait!

3) You are having fast food. Come on. Every fast food in this world looks the same, with the same packaging and taste, except for the logo or what's written on the wrapping paper or box. So, no need. 

4) You are eating Nasi Campur or Nasi Kandar? Well, you can. But, I don't know. It is just doesn't feel right.

5) When you are at kedai mamak. Usually you want to hang out with some old friends or watching football over the big screen. You know, that laid back, chill, relax mood and you just want to eat and have fun with your friends. Mamak restaurant always brings you closer to your homies. So definitely no time for you to socialize with the people in social media.

6) You are eating the same thing. In order to avoid this, you should have an excellent memory to remember whether you have posted it or not. I usually never take photos of the same food, twice, in my favourite restaurant, eating my favourite food. Mainly because it is my favourite dish and I can't wait to eat it right after the plate touches the dining table. I don't care, I just take the cutleries and start to dig in!

7) When the restaurant organized an event (gig, karaoke, standup comedy, talent show, concert, etc.). Focus on what's in front of you, participate or be supportive (like, clapping your hands, dance, sing-a-long or woohoo-ing or things like that)

8) Food from polyester box or any takeaway food.

9) Whatever you do, don't take a photo of half-eaten food or the "stained plate" picture. Such a turn off! If you have touched the food, just eat it all up. Forget about taking any photo that day.

10) When you are hungry. Of course! Duh! I always forget to take photos when I am hungry, and when my plates are all squeaky clean, I'd go like, "D'oh! No photo this time!"

Well, in the end, it is all about enjoying what you love to do and eat what you love to eat. You can do whatever you want but respecting each other is the main thing that you should always consider of. Some of these don'ts can be applied to taking selfies, too!

Pay attention to people in front of you and what's in front of you in the real world, not the one in social media. Other thing is, wait til you get home to post or share it on your microblog, not when you are still outside, hanging out with your loved ones. First, the safety measure. Second, it can wait.

Yours truly,
Malina Azman, x

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