Wednesday, October 22, 2014

15 Tips to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Why am I so skinny and how do I stay skinny?

First of all, skinny is not a good thing. At all. Being skinny is just the same as being fat. Not literally, but it is the same. Being skinny does not mean that you are healthy. The healthy condition is being fit. Most of my friends and family members keep asking me why am I so skinny and how on Earth I maintain the weight and slim, slender figure for many many years.

You totally can share it with anybody. Tell you what, this is not a secret for having a skinny body, but you can take these tips of mine not just to have a healthy body and lifestyle, but also your mind and soul.

1) Cook whatever you want to cook with olive oil or canola oil. Extra virgin olive oil is better for a quick meal, not for frying. My family have been using olive oil for cooking for more than 15 years now and we have never using any other cooking oil other than these three; olive, canola, coconut.

2) It is a compulsory for me to have veggies in every meal I take. Veggies is a must! I can't eat the food if there is no veggies in it.

3) Walk a lot. Like, A LOT. I can say that I use my precious legs for about 15 hours a day? Another 9 hours are meant for sleeping and relaxing. That is the secret for me to have nice, leaned, cellulite-free legs, is to work those muscles out. (Psstt, ladies, you can walk around the mall! I call it, stuff-hunting. LOL)

4) Stop eating fast food. I have stopped eating fast food for like a year now but I do have my weaknesses too, one of them is, a cheat day by gulping fast food down my throat. But it happens very rarely. Say like, once in every three months?

5) Stop drinking carbonated drinks. I have stopped drinking it for a year now and have never touched it anymore. No more bloated, gassy stomach. Yay me!

6) I drink at least a cup of green tea per day. At least. Usually I take about 3 litres of green tea per day. Jasmine green tea and chamomile tea are my best buddies

7) Drink a lot of plain water, oh why, of course.

8) Yoghurt. Either pure yoghurt or the yoghurt drink doesn't matter. But yoghurt must be taken at least once a week, and I will have it in the morning.

9) Fruits intake. We never ran out of fruits, especially berries (blueberries, strawberries, cherries) and bananas. My dad will pass us fruits while we are watching TV to make sure that we eat fruits everyday! I thank my parents and God for giving me infinite of great food in the refrigerator!

10) Don't smoke or drink alcohol or taking any substances. Nope.

11) I love exercising. I love working up a sweat. But if you really hate to exercise, or don't have that much of time to do it, just move your body, muscles, just to make sure that you increase your heart rate once in awhile. Once you start to sweat, trust me, you're gonna love it!

12) Get enough sleep. Go to bed early, and wake up early. 8-hour sleep is highly recommended for you! *hands up*

13) Be gratitude. Pray. Be thankful that God gives you a healthy body, mind and soul. Never forget to say your prayer.

14) Change your mindset. Set your mind to be positive and to see things in a positive way. Be productive. Stay productive.

15) Smile and be happy with your life and your body and for who you are!

I do want to be fatter than I am right now, I want to be fitter. Meatier. But it is what it is. I am what I am. It is not being thin or fat, it is all about being a healthy person that leads a healthy lifestyle.

x, Malina

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