Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Responsibilities with a capital S

Growing up as the eldest daughter in my family is not always hard but when it comes to a bigger responsibilities like taking care of the households and look after my family and at times I have to take over my dad's job as the "only man" in the house are just another new level of great tasks. I really have to look at a bigger picture to have a better perspective towards what is going on and what are the actual things that I have or need to handle in order to keep my family happy, safe and sound.

I am a student and also a daughter and an eldest sister to my 21-year old little sister, like it or not, the fact that I have to be the man in the house is just too overwhelming. I am not complaining, oh God, no. In fact, I am thankful to have this kind of "hectic but fun" life, because I know it will turn out good in the future. Why? Not everybody has this so much of experience or exposure to pick up and handle a lot of responsibilities, mainly because they know they have somebody to do it for them or they might just take the easy way out to run away from facing the real deal.

I admit that it gets a bit hard sometimes, with all the nagging that I didn't do that well in particular tasks, but at least I have tried and will always strive for the betterment. I am the kind of person who believe in doing things wholeheartedly and never do it halfway. Finish what you start. I have been raised that way by my parents and it has been stuck in my brain since I was in my mom's womb. It is in my blood. It is not about being a perfectionist or seeking for a perfection but, try your best, your hardest job to do it. Like my dad always say to me, "Try your best, do your best. Never give up on good things", so I will never give up on keeping my family and friends happy and at the same time I know it will bring happiness for me too.

Other than getting the euphoric feeling, I earn exposure and gain experience from the given responsibilities, might as well as, knowing what is maturity that will definitely helps me to get through life in the next hundred years.

Malina Azman, x

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