Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I often got comments like "Where did you buy your tops? Your pants? Your bags? I love your shoes/sandals, where did you get it from? And your scarves?". I don't think myself as a fashionista AT ALL, because I choose to shop based on what my eyes love to see and what comforts me. For outfit, I really believe in "love at first sight". Yup, there, I have said it. Ahh!

I noticed that most women (based on my observations), they will go from rack to rack, see it and touch it from up-close and will try everything, like hugging so many things, so many different fabrics and colours and things to try in the fitting room.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the parallel universe, I will walk through from the main isle (note that main isle means that the isle that connected from the entrance to the back of the retail store). I am the type of woman who knows what I want, so when it comes to shop, I know what I am looking for, so I will scan through everything in the store while spotting the exact colour or design that I have in my head. Let's say that I am eyeing for white tunic top, so from the entrance, I will walk on the main isle and scan everything from afar just to spot any white tunic top. If I see that it is white but maybe it is a tank top, then I will not go to the rack and stop. Same goes if I saw any tunic top but it isn't in white colour, then I shall proceed on walking down the isle to the back of the store.

I will never go rack to rack, because I will end up buying things that I do not need. That is when my heart taking over my bright, bright brain. LOL.

ONLY IF I have found the white tunic top, for example, then I will stop at the designated rack and pick up the same tops but in different sizes. Sometimes, the top will not look good if it is too big or too small, hence, I will take sizes range from size 2 to 6. Be reminded that all three sizes are the same white tunic top that I have an eye for.

I will take them to the fitting room to try the top, which size I fit the most or, look best. After tried all three, I pick the best size, and proceed to the cashier for payment. THAT IS ALL.

Women, know what you want before you enter the store. No such thing as window shopping. Either you shop or you don't. Feel free to do it if you are alone. But if you are bringing someone with you, for example, your spouse or partner or SO, please don't make their life miserable to follow you around racks by racks or make them waiting for you. You do not want to wait for them for something, so do not make others to wait for you. Well yeah, there you go. Guys, you are welcome. LOL!

Oh speaking of which, my readers asked me to list down my favourite stores or my usual spot to shop. Hmm, I don't think I have favourite for certain things but I can list down the stores that have been selling some pretty stuff and I immediately fall in love for.

Those are;

Massimo Dutti
- Major love for their winter boots, winter coats, flats, sandals, cardigans and pants

- Basically for everything because it is so affordable

- The tops, OMG. And the printed pants. You can get so many pretty work attires here

- The swimwear, tops, jeggings

- Tops, of course!

- Flare pants, tops, jeans, scarves, flats

- Tops and flats

- Floral-ly tops, dress

Miss Selfridge
- Pants, dress

Online shopping
- I am not a fan of online shopping, but I only do so if the things does not require for me to try it. For example, accessories. Other than that, I don't like the fact that if I was so happy to get the package when it arrived but once I got it, it doesn't fit me because I don't try it (oh, I cannot because its online, how can I try it?). Then I have to send it back and wait for another day or two to get the perfect one. Nah, too tedious for me. For online shopping, I usually buy stuff like, scarves, and, scarves. LOL! Oh and bags too, sometimes. It depends.

There you go. I do not own any expensive brands, please. It doesn't matter what brands are you wearing, as long as you wear it with confidence and a smile on your face, then anything you wear will look expensive and impressive. Confidence is the key, love.

Malina A, x

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