Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I am sitting here at my kitchen island while listening to Beirut's album on Spotify (speaking of which, I just successfully installed it like three days back and boy, I am so happy that my MacBook is finally working! Yay!)

And also, speaking of Beirut, I am totally in love with their album "No No No" and also the previous album is just as awesome as the latest one. Oh, cheers to The Chainsmokers too! Major love their singles like; Roses, New York City, Don't Let Me Down, Until You Were Gone and so on. Phew. And if you check out my Instagram account, I made Roses piano cover and The Chainsmokers liked that cover video! Ahhhhh! Yes, of course I am beyond ecstatic! LOL!

As you noticed, this blog post called "Withdrawals" well, mainly because of so many stuff going on in my life right now, both good and bad and surprisingly I need to detoxify myself from both good and bad ones!

Adventures/vacations/trips are over (for now). I went back to Doha to spend time with my family for like, three months and whole two weeks in London & Paris. I had a tremendous time, not to mention, the weather. Oh my word, I love the weather so much. It was between 0 to 7 degree Celsius, makes it impossible to sweat. We went to so many places and I'll explain in great details in the next blog post (hopefully) and yeah, that was about it.

Another thing is that, my graduation status. Man. I mean, I am officially graduated as a student of Bachelor Degree in Information Technology majoring in Multimedia Systems but, yeah. No official graduation ceremony aka "convocation" since my university's annual convo day is held on September or October every year, so I had to wait for like a year and a half for the next convocation. Such a bummer. But, at least, I graduated. Hooray, I guess?

So I am currently unemployed, sitting at home, not like I am not doing anything, in fact I have done a lot of stuff since I came back like a week ago, and I am currently working on some projects. Projects. Yup, I have three projects. Two are involving my home, need to help dad to work on the interior part of the house. I am in charge of that one, and another one is involving my skills. Skills in... Well, you do not want to know. LOL!

On a related note, the company I have been dreaming to work for wanted me to work with them as a journalist. Photojournalist to be exact. OH BOY, I AM SO EXCITED! But, unfortunately, I had to turn down the sweet sweet offer, since I have already planned to travel. Now I am back, so I want to give it a try, just to try my luck to pursue my dream to be a photojournalist. Also I need to brush up my skills first... since I have not been writing stuff on this blog and my brain is quite rusty right now. I, sometimes, do not know what to think of but I always wanted to write something! I need to read more. I have been somewhere at least, so I think I should be able to get inspired to blog more after this. Oh please dear God.

I am not a daily blogger but I want to write a blog post at least once a week, just to see whether I am suitable to be a photojournalist. I just want to get inspired!

Love, M

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