Monday, October 1, 2012

Our one and only Mommy ♥

Assalamualaikum. Today, I feel like blogging or ranting to be exact, about the greatest love of all. Have you ever woke up in the morning, with eyes wide opened, and that thought in your brain says, “Gosh, I am in love! I am so in love!”? Have you ever experienced that? Yes, I did and still do. And no no, I am not talking about loving your partner (boyfriend/girlfriend), but your own mother. I am in love every single day with my life because every single time I wake up, I know that Mommy’s love is still there and will never change.

And the beautiful part about mother’s love is that, no matter how rude you are, no matter how stubborn you can be, mother is still there to love you and to care for you and always there for you. Frankly speaking, I am not a good daughter myself, but I am trying my best to be a good one for Mommy and will try to be there and make time for her, no matter how busy I can get. Well, I am not as busy as Mommy since she is the boss in one of the awesome-st company in Malaysia, but I admit that I am busy too! I admit that sometimes I didn't call to check up on her (because I know she’ll be fine and be busy as usual. LOL!), and at times I was too busy to hang out with my friends instead of going out with her. Sorry Mommy :(

It kept me thinking, why on Earth people always say “I love you, Mom!” only on her birthday, or maybe on Mother’s Day or could be your parents’ anniversary or whatever there is.  Why? While you’ll always say “I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!” to your boyfriend/girlfriend. When it comes to show your love to your partner, you will definitely do anything, like literally, ANYTHING just to ensure that the partner will understand and acknowledge your love towards them. You will buy his/her favourite items in stores; while you spend nothing for your mom. You say those 3 words to your partner every morning, on the evening, every time before you go to bed; and never say it at least once a day to your mom?

Maybe you’re smiling now and that little brain of yours say, “Ah, damn it. You cannot compare it between partner and mother. It’s different.” Different, you say? Ah-ha! What typical and small-minded you have there. Is there any more love that can be described than a person who has brought you into this beautiful life, who raises you up until now, who look after you when you hit the bottom of your life, who provides your wants and needs, a person who would always be there for you though you never think of her presence in your life. It is your mother. Your own mother.

Do appreciate your mother while she is still very much alive, living with you in this world. She is the one that always with you and her love will never end. She is with you since forever. You are too busy finding love from a perfect guy/girl who will never come, and you forget that greatest love you always have since ever.

Now, let's promise to ourselves, to be a good son/daughter, be the best for our parents, pray for them, appreciate them, show them the love, love them with all your heart and promise to look after them when they're old and gray.

Make the vow.

Like what I've tweeted last few hours, "Let's show some love to our mom, everyday! Kita sayang mak, Allah sayang kita. Kan awesome tu?" and another one, "If nak show love to your boyfriend/girlfriend, bukan main sanggup perabih duit. 'I love you' hari-hari nak sebut. What about to your mom?". Renungan buat semua.


And this, recite this doa every time you habis solat and when you want to go to bed. Step 1, doa. Step 2, go to your mom and dad. Step 3, give them a hug or hugs and kiss their cheeks! Step 4, say "I love you" and "thank you". InsyaAllah, hidup diberkati and disayangi Allah :)

Malina Azman, x

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