Sunday, November 18, 2012

A date with The Twinnie

Meet the beautiful twinnie, Iera Aqila

Ignore the face, acknowledge the meal.

We went to Ikea and we've found the most comfortable couch evaahhh!

She is love

And she bought me this! All the way from New Zealand! Thank you honey!

Hola! Buenas tardes! Como estas? Mi nombre es Malina Azman. Y tu? Sorry, random. So I went for a date with my twinnie on Friday. We had a date, at The Curve and Ikea. Basically, area Mutiara Damansara tu je lah. Its been months since the last time we met. It was way back before she went to New Zealand for almost a month and haven't seen her since then. It was Ramadhan, yes! Buka puasa at her place. That was the last time I saw her and yes, we reunited, just last Friday! You missed it :B

Nothing much pun. Our agenda was just to have lunch/eve-snack/desserts at Paddington and update each other! Oh when I said "update", it means from A to Z baby! We had our lunch, borak sampai tak ingat dunia (so many things happened since the last time we met! That's why!) and then, saja nak berangan ada rumah sendiri so we went to Ikea. Browsing for furniture and interior designs' ideas for my new place. And dang, I really hate those awesome Ikea's interior designers! They are just too good in rearranging stuff in a room! They know how to play with space and the practicality of a furniture to put in a room. The room was so tiny but still spacious. How's that, dude?! You all are just too good. Phew. And I have this thought of, "OHMYGOD! Tak sabarnya nak kahwin and ada rumah sendiri!". Wait, is it just me or every human being yang entered Ikea akan feel the same way like I did? Or this this, "Nanti kan, kalau I dah kahwin kan, husband I tengok TV and I pula sibuk masak kat dapur, bla bla bla..." Is it normal to have that feeling when you're in Ikea? Normal kan? Kan kan? LOL! But bila fikir balik, I was like, "Wait, I can always have my own house eventhough I'm not married!". And then bertukar pula dengan lebih detailed, "OH-EM-GEE! Tak sabarnya nak habis belajar, kerja and jadi wanita bekerjaya and ada duit sendiri and beli rumah sendiri! Semua furniture nak from Ikea!". Hamboihhh, kemain kau jahhh. Semua from Ikea yea? Haa, belajar rajin-rajin. Dapatkan masters dulu and kerja, baru fikir nak ada rumah sendiri :D

After penat berangan nak rumah sendiri and payah bebenor nak mengawal perasaan membuak-buak nak kahwin, Iera and I went back to The Curve and had Chatime. Chit chatting lagi and soalan cepumas from Iera was, "Babe, what type of guys yang you nak?". Hamboihhh, kena interview. And another epic line for that day, "Twinnie, please kahwin. Kalau you tak kahwin, nanti anak I tade playmate! I nak anak I to have a playdate with anak you!". Hamboihhh, nampak tak agenda dia disitu? Awak tu bercinta, boleh lahhh. Den ni calon pun takdo ehh. Lewlz!

And Iera gave me a souvenir from New Zealand! Yeayerz! Thank you awak yang baik hati. I miss you and finally ketemu pun after months! Phew. I love you twinnie and doakan yang terbaik untuk saya yang tak berapa nak semenggah ni :) LOVE x

Malina Azman x

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