Friday, November 16, 2012

House of Allure


More accessories!

Pretty dresses

Boyfriends must love this!

Various choices of printed leggings

More dresses

It happened last Sunday. I went out with my girlfriend, Nissa. Went to The Trillium in Lake Fields. That was our first time, to be in that new place, with all constructions on our left and right. We explored and discovered the place, girlfriend been wanting to go to this online-shop's shop in Lake Fields. That was our main agenda, really. We went around the place, checked out every kedai at The Trillium, had our evening snack at PappaRich and there you go, House of Allure. Located above Tutti Frutti. The Trillium is basically a shop-lots area. Just like a normal shop lot that you can see around your neighbourhood. Yes, but this place sort of new lah juga, loads of awesome store there.

So back to the main topic! House of Allure. We climbed up the stairs, one floor up. Rang the bell and a lady with scarf greeted us, Nissa and I. Then came the other girl, with spectacle, super-tall, like really tall because she is taller than me and said, "Hello!". And Nissa done a great job on being so overly-friendly with everyone, so yeah, she did that to the beautiful owner, Kak Isma. The first thing I saw when I first entered the boutique, there was this hand-painted 'ad' on the wall, written 'House of Allure'. Then there's Lovely Lace's scent spread up the whole room. It was nice and cozy. With pop songs filled in the room. Not so loud, just nice to be as the background music, just perfect for my eardrums and I can hum-a-long.

Second, I thought, RAMBANG MATA. I was like, so tempted to buy all of the pretty stuff! From dresses to tops, bottoms, accessories (bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces, hairbands, iPhone covers, clutches) and just everything! If only Kak Isma gave us free stuff :B So we spent hours (like literally, hours -.-') just to browse and try out some clothes. Nissa did, I was busy browsing and chit chatting with Kak Isma. She has her own boutique and that amazed me! I love successful woman! Don't take it the wrong way. It's just that, how can a person can juggle everything all at once. I'm trying to be like one! Thanks to Kak Isma though. Penat interviewed her the other day. Sorry yea Kak Isma! :)

Well, speaking of which, all of you can definitely come to House of Allure and I guaranteed you will not coming back home, empty-handed. You will be spending some ka-ching at the boutique because the stuff is just so pretty and adorable and AFFORDABLE! I cannot recall all prices but trust me, you can afford to buy it. Think this way, if you can purchased something from H&M or maybe, ZARA, you are totally in the list to buy some from here! :D Go go and check them out! Nissa and I knew about this boutique pun through Instagram. And when it updated the info on Instagram saying that this online shop has its own boutique, that's when we terus vroom vroom to Lake Fields! Ngeh ngeh.

You can purchase it through online, still. But in case if you might want to check out those pretty dresses right before your eyes, you can always come to House of Allure. Ask for Kak Isma. She would be happy to help you out in finding beautiful piece for you!

And the details are as follows:

House of Allure Enterprise
No 13-1, Jalan Tasik Utama 6
Medan Niaga Tasik Damai
The Trillium, Lake Fields
Sg Besi 57000
Kuala Lumpur

Isma (012-2859638)
Facebook : House of Allure
Twitter : HouseofallureMy
Instagram : @houseofallure_my

Malina Azman x

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