Friday, November 16, 2012


Introducing, Instagram on your web browser! There, it's my Instagram account and it's my first time to view it on the browser using my netbook, commonly viewed for only iPhone/Android's users or any other smartphones (maybe but except for Blackberry). I think it is much easier now with web browser for those who don't have Apple products or Android can view Instagram's profile? And also it is easier for people to find you on the web and the interface is waaaayyyyyy clearer than to view it with tiny little phone's screen of yours there. Right? Now you can even stalk people around you with a better view! Am I right or am I right? LOL! I don't usually approve random people or strangers on my account, especially my private accounts (Yes, my profile is private) but I'm making exceptional for Instagram account since so many blogshops' owner wants to follow me since I go online to shop. Yes, I rarely go to the mall to buy stuff since its only one click away! Ahh, taste the sweetness of technology, baby. So yeah, that's about it. Loads more to update! Want to check em' out? Stay on this page, you can see there's info of "My Official Sites" under my picture there, click on 'Instagram' and voila! Note-to-self: I am not a photographer, just some rants of my daily lives that interprets/translates into pictures.

Malina Azman, x

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