Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Malina, you can't bake.

Its been awhile since the last I wrote something here. And somehow I feel like writing (or, typing something out of my mind) tonight. It is Feb 27th and big birthday to my beloved Mommy. I am so lucky to have her as my mom, she is my world, my everything. Thank you Mommy for everything. Nak jadikan cerita, Sissy and I baked a chocolate cake for Mommy. Well, hmm, I admit that I actually don't have any idea or any knowledge in baking. I have only baked, cupcakes, but it was a longgggg time ago. Sudah lupa already. And I can bake pies, but not cakes (sadly, yes). I admit, I can cook but I seriously cannot bake. Like, seriously! Sissy knew how to bake and stuff so credit to her who taught me to bake that cake for Mommy's 48th birthday, yesterday. She said, "Kakak, you need eggs, oil and water..." and bla bla bla. The only thing I did was listening to her and preparing whatever stuff to bake a chocolate cake. Everything was awesome until we opened the oven and hmm... I didn't like what I see. The cake somehow, terjongket? I don't know how on Earth boleh jadi like that. Nak kata tak rata, semuanya rata. So yeah. Like it or not, we cannot just throw it, so we decided to just do the topping part. Ahha! Another funny story. Since we both are broke-ass gals, we used whatever the refrigerator has. We used, Milo powder, marshmallows and Skittles. I know. Disgusting right? Hahah! We don't have that much of money to go and buy chocolate rice or chocolate syrup or icing or whatever for the cliche toppings. Tak nak membazir punya pasal and just want to do something for Mommy, there. Chocolate cake with Milo, marshmallows and rainbow-coloured Skittles. We arranged the Skittles on top of the cake, written huge "48". Lewlz. Low budget cake but full with love! How about that huh? Be jealous, be jealous. LOL!


Chocolate powder/flour? I don't know what's inside.

EVOO and water (Oh come on guys, you should know EVOO by now)

Then, stir!

Stir some more! (Oh, what a machine hand I have there! LOL!)


And stir until everything mixed up.

And pour into your, pan? Or whatever they call it. Put it in the oven for 15 mins.

Best part. 

Best part. Part 2.

Best part. Part 3. Lick everything off!

There. After 15 mins. Cake terjongket! Not proud, not proud -.-"

Skittles. And I don't want to show you the outcome. Let's brush up your imagination skill! Think think! LOL!

Miss Malina Azman, poor her. Doesn't know how to bake. Lewlz!

Malina Azman, x

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