Monday, February 18, 2013

Grafa Cafe Restaurant

Grafa Cafe Restaurant, SS15 Subang Jaya

The menu

The entrance

Lomo corner

Spacious, plenty of seats for both indoor and outdoor

Nasi Goreng Ketam

Chicken Chop

Carbonara Bacon Turkey Ham Spaghetti

Mammamia Sandwich

Strawberry Banana Ice Blended, Peach Tea, Orange Juice

Hello there! If you keep yourself updated with this blog, I'm pretty sure that you all know about the lists I've made few weeks back regarding the "MPMCMM". Remember? Or if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about here, just click this link for further details. There - MCMPMM. Alright, I give you 5 minutes to read it through.


Okay, so now. Back to our business. As you all can see, I've already crossed out 'Grafa Cafe' in the list since I have already tried it! I went there, last week with bunch of friends for dinner (for the first time) and went for lunch a week after (the second time). First impression, I was, "Okay, this place is cool, wey!" Because they have lomo stuff right at the corner at the entrance and the gallery outside (before you can even reach the entrance door) and the black feature wall with green diamonds (I think? Diamonds right? Lewlz!) with the orange couch placed near the cashier. So I thought that was the only cool part until I sat down after passing by everyone and pening "Where to sit?!". My friend and I were sitting indoor, and I was facing the wall, huge blackboard to be exact full with menu served from the kitchen and it was written with white chalk. How cool is that?! Not cool enough? Let me tell you more.

Let's start with the drinks. As you all know (Or maybe you don't), I'm always a big fan of Iced Peach Tea. So, that was the time I should try the famous Peach Tea that everyone has been talked about. I, simply, love, it. The tea was perfect and freshly sliced peach was cozily dunked in the tea. Not so icy, just perfect. I LOVE IT! And I ordered, Iced Honey Lemon with extra honey and less ice please. The waiter just smiled and off he went to the drink counter. He didn't jot it down or anything, just cool enough to memorize and bring back the drink exactly how I wanted it to be. Extra honey, less ice. Perfect.

And so I've tried, Nasi Goreng Ketam. It was a bit spicy. For those who can't stand the hotness of green chilies, it's better for you to have plain water with you on the table. LOL! The soft-shell crab is well-cooked, you can eat everything from the leg to its, shell? You can eat it, don't worry. Then there's Mammamia Sandwich. You would probably say, "Mamma miaaa!" out loud when you taste the juiciness of the bacon (turkey ham) and the crunchiness of the tomatoes and cucumbers, all mingled together in the crusty bread along with mayonnaise and 2 sauces on the plate. And not to mention, the non-oily french fries. Healthy food all the way huh! Carbonara Bacon Turkey Ham Spaghetti was nice. My friend had that and I only sibuk to taste it. Love the sauce! Milky, creamy and tasty! I don't know how to describe it, it's just, delicious! And then, there's Chicken Chop.The chicken is well-cooked, crispy and no oil detected. Yay! The mash potatoes is the bomb! Baaammm! Huge portion and it would be lovelier if we can have more of it!

The service is tremendously good. The waiters are efficient enough not to write the menus down and they can memorize it and they bring the food to your table according to your orders. I think that was pretty cool. Just like kedai mamak :) But I think it would be better for the waiters to be more alert. Customers can call out for you anytime.

The price is okay. The cashier gave me the receipt and its written there, "Eat Like a Boss, Pay Like a Hobo". Heck yes! The portion is superbly huge and you pay like, just a quarter of it.

My friends and I were enjoying our time at Grafa. We really love the ambiance, the friendliness of everyone in the restaurant, the decor, the food and the awesome fact that Grafa Cafe can make us lost in time. We didn't realize we were having lunch for 3 hours! Grafa is a very nice place to hang out with friends, just to catch up and update each other and you can also host a birthday party there! If you want to :)

55, S15/4B, Subang Jaya, 47500
Tel: 03-5611 7600

Rating: ★

Malina Azman, x

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