Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Here are some fun facts.

FUN: My housemate, Juey Adlin was busy playing this awesome stuff called 'Polyvore' while I was busy preparing myself for final examinations, like a week ago. She finished with hers and that was the only fun thing she did while waiting for her boss to give her work assignment for her internship. I can't check out her account or anything since I was busy so every time she's with her laptop, I'd go like "Juey, what are you doing?" and she replied, "Polyvore". So each time she has this "serious-look" on her face, I'd be like, "Polyvore eh?". LOL!

FUNNY: I used to play or at least checked out Polyvore back in 2008 (I think?), just finished with high school and it was the time when everyone around me was busy "preparing" themselves to enter adulthood and shopping for new "adult-look" clothes and want to be like this and that. So I really loved Blake Lively back then (and I still do!) and I make her as my fashion icon and stalked her fashion thingy on Polyvore. There were tons of accounts in Polyvore that copied whatever Serena Van Der Woodsen was wearing in Gossip Girl.

FUNNIER: And I have fallen for Serena's wardrobe and started to buy tons of clothes (Poor Mommy & Daddy at that time) and wanted to look like her. I know that I don't have her exact face or height or whatever but I want to be as fashionable as her. This was when I was 18, up until 21, I still want to have her clothes!

FUNNIEST: And the funniest part is that, now, I have Polyvore account and though I'm with hijab now, doesn't mean I cannot mix and match clothes that I love and I used to wear them and want to share with people (whoever that already viewed my Polyvore account). I know it is not as pretty as you expect but I'm satisfied with what I created and mixed it and finally I have things to do during my semester break. I'm currently, a broke-ass dude now, so I think this is the best way to get out of boredom. Whee! To access to my Polyvore account, you can click the link under 'my' avatar on top right corner. There, thereee. Click Polyvore and voila! Don't judge me! :B

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