Thursday, February 21, 2013

Syafiq & Zee's Wedding

Congratulations to both bride and groom.
May Allah bless both of you and your marriage :)

Meet Noi. My roommate during my 2nd year

My ex-roomies ; Zaty and Noi

My girlfriends : Rai and Sheera

My long lost buddies : Bulu and L

With the pengantin : Syafiq and Zee

My Unisel babies! Ili, Anis, Ila and Azira

My classmates during Foundation Year in Unisel x

Kawan susah senang during Foundation Year : Ili Athirah :)

My susah senang bersama since 1990 : Dalila Zainal :) xo

My cousin, Ila and I attended the wedding of my friend, Zee in Section 9 Shah Alam, last Saturday. They served Nasi Arab and I really thought that it was awesome since that was my first time ever attended a wedding yang served Nasi Arab. Selalunya, nasi minyak and other lauk normal kat kenduri kahwin. Maybe nak mengelakkan the cliche-ness, so Zee's wedding ni, honestly it was very nice. Soooo many people yang keluar masuk the hall (Zam-Zam Restaurant/Hall). At first, I was hanging out with bunch of MMU people. Met Noi, Bulu and L. Seriously I haven't seen them in awhile since they left MMU during our 2nd year. Catch-up for a little while, then on my way nak keluar hall, bumped into a group of my Unisel babies. It's been ages since the last time I saw them! So, makan and hung out for the second time. Lewlz. It was so great seeing them again. All grown up :) To Zee and Syafiq, your wedding is so nice! Loving every bit of it and totally love the food! LOL! To Zee, finally you kahwin! Tahniah. Semoga menjadi seorang isteri yang solehah and same goes to Syafiq. We all had fun at your wedding! Whee! Semoga berkekalan sehingga ke Jannah, in Shaa Allah. Amin :) And thanks Ila for being the "awesome" tour guide. Zzz.

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