Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Engagement Ceremony of Aniq & Ika

The Engagement Ceremony of Aniq & Ika

There, that joyous face of hers :D

Juey, Liyl, Qis, Ika, Mija and I 

"I'm engagedddddd!" - Ika

With the happy girl, Ika :)

Congratulations, pretty!

Went to Dengkil, 3 cars convoyed from Cyberjaya. Was with Juey, Aarief, Mija, Izham, Liyl, Adri, Qis and Fahmy. Everyone went with their partner, okay!? LOL! Gerak to Ika's in Dengkil, we were an hour late. Yes, were behind the schedule. Supposedly ETA, around 12 noon. But we were late, so tak sempat nak tengok majlis sarung cincin. Sampai je, Ika muka happy dari jauh jerit, "Koraaaaanggggg!" while everyone non stop cakap sorry. She kept on saying "Takpe takpe, its okay. At least korang datang juga." Cute je minah sorang ni. Makan then sesi bergambar. Too many pictures and I want to see it pronto! The theme was pastel colours so that was the reason why everyone pakai baju macam lebih kurang je colour. Hee. Well, congratulations to Ika and Aniq (siap hashtag kat Twitter #AniqIkaEngagement. Lewlz!) and we seriously can't wait for your wedding pula! Jangan lupa ajak. Surely datang, in Shaa Allah :)

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