Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Apa saya mahu? Gemuk.

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From 39 kg to 48 kg.

Yup, that is my previous and current weight. I was only 39 kilos and the heaviest I can get was 42 kg. And my mission is to gain up until 50 kilos, which it was impossible achieve with my unhealthy lifestyle back in Kuala Lumpur. I am currently in Doha and Alhamdulillah, Allah showers me with loads of good and healthy food. Arabic food is just, DA BOMB! I eat almost everything here since it is all halal. Yup, no non-halal food in Doha and that is just what I love about this country! You can eat anything with your eyes closed. LOL! Now, I want to tell or share with you about my so called "achievement" (hahaks!) of gaining so much weight, easily. It is all about, sumbat and telan and hope that you are not going to throw up. Hahah! No, all you need is, eat healthy food and stick to the right diet and BE DISCIPLINE! No malas malas (Y)

So, what do I eat?
(Hopefully I can continue this kind of lifestyle once I am back in KL. Phew!)

0600 : Drink 2 glasses of plain water (after perform Subuh). Room temperature!
0900 : A bowl of Nestle Fitness Honey & Almonds cereal + milk
0915 : Fruit (Usually, I eat banana for breakfast)
1000 : Gym time! Work your ass out! Only for an hour. I usually selang-seli kan hari with cardio and fitness. If too lazy to go to the gym, then you can only pasang lagu kuat-kuat and DANCE! :) If you don't have equipment yang ada kat gym tu, you can rearrange furniture in your house. Do something like lifting or pushing or pulling heavy things for fitness.
1100 : Drink loads of plain water! I always carry around my 600 ml tumbler with me. So make sure habiskan the whole bottle before lunch time.
1130 : Eat more fruits. Usually I will have strawberries and chocolate yoghurt.
1145 : 2 chocolate bars. Kit Kat Chunky Mini (Preferably, dark chocolate)
1500 : Lunch time! Nasi is a MUST! Usually masak kat rumah. Lauk mesti balanced diet. Mesti ada ayam/daging/ikan/udang/sotong (either one) and then veggies is also a must. I cannot eat nasi without veggies. Broccoli, terung, spinach, carrot adalah kemestian.
1600 : After perut dah tak bloated sebab telan nasi banyak banyak, drink a glass of juice. Mixed berries juice or apple juice always ada in the refrigerator.
1900 : More chocolate bars!
2100 : Makan nasi! Or anything you have left. Just eat leftovers tengahari tadi. If dah habis, keluar beli kebab or shawarma or make your own sandwich at home. Usually, if malas sangat, I will eat roti, cheese, fried egg with pepper. Makan cenggitu pun sodap boh!
2200 : My routine before tidur, I must take one chocolate bar, eat strawberries or grapes, and drink LABAN. Tahu tak laban tu apa? It is actually a yoghurt drink but this is 100% milk. If tak biasa, you might hate the taste. But lama-lama, jadi sedap! Everyday I mesti minum before tidur (Y)
0000 : And don't forget, a bottle of plain water. Then sleep :)

I am now 48 kg and my target is 50 kg by June. 2 kilos to go. No pain, no gain. But in my case, no pain at all and I gained! LOL! Lame -.-" Wish me luck, guys! Ngee :B

*tunjuk muscle kecik*

Malina Azman

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