Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Saya sibuk makan

Bak kata orang-orang tua, "Mulut penuh, jangan bercakap."

Saya sibuk makan, so tak boleh bercakap. Or in this context, tak boleh nak update this blog about food sebab busy makan and merayau cari makan lagi. LOL! Wanted to update about food around Doha but I went to too many places and restaurants and I ate too many new food! Will upload those pictures and update posts as soon as I can! Maybe later when I am back in Malaysia. TOO MANY, I tell you. And this picture was taken at Wagamama Restaurant, Lagoona Mall, West Bay Doha. Definitely will update it here later. Too many and I am still rearranging the photos and words. Lewlz! Maybe I could post some teasers first? We'll see :)

- Malina. Doha, QA

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