Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Malinalism is now with Foodspotting!

Hi there!

Me: Dude, are you hungry?
Others: Yes, I am! But where to eat?
Me: I don't know, don't ask me. Hmm, what do you want to eat? Lidah tu terasa nak makan apa?
Others: Entah lah. Apa yang best kat sini? Ada apa je?
Me: If you nak makan Nasi Ayam, ada satu sedap kat Ampang. If nak makanan Melayu, ada kat Senghoti. If nak tomyam, sedap kat Dagang. So mana?
Others: Alaa, I tak tahu lah babe. Mana-mana je lah. I tak kisah. Janji dapat makan.
Me: I know, but you terasa nak makan apa? Kang I bawa tempat makan I nak, you tak suka pula.
Others: Mana-mana je. Seriously, I tak kisah. You kan food blogger. Hihi

Sounds familiar?

Honestly guys, don't you think it is just so annoying when people said "Tak kisah lah. Mana-mana pun boleh." Ughhhh. Stress! And yes, I'm just a human being just like you guys, and I somehow unluckily got into this conversation and encounter with these kinds of people. Yes. They tend to ask me where to eat because they really thought that I'm the expert of food and restaurants since I own a food blog here in Malinalism but that doesn't mean I can read your mind and wonder what you're craving for!

So, for me, to solve this problem of "Tak tahu nak makan mana and tak kisah lah, mana-mana pun boleh", DOWNLOAD 'FOODSPOTTING' ON YOUR SMARTPHONE NOW!

As I was busy blogging, uploading photos and updating food-traveloque in Doha, and was browsing the restaurant's reviews and details on Google, found this Foodspotting website. Still busy browsing for the awesome food right before my eyes and I scrolled down til reach at the bottom of the page, "Download for iOS". I give it a shot. Finished downloading. And here I am, introducing this to you guys.

It is such an awesome apps. Know why? Because they can spot where you're currently at and they tell you what's good nearby with the photos as well! Bam, take that! With those photos, I think you can drool over those food that you're craving for and right away je cakap, "Okay! Decided! I nak makan ni!", then the driver terus bawa je you all to that place. Cool, right?

And other features, they tell you what's specials, best and nearby food around you. You can browse it all. But make sure that you are connected to the internet, they need to know where on Earth are you! Once you reached the restaurant, already ordered the food that you were drooling over in the car, click the 'Spot' button, you can upload your own photo (of that food, of course), choose the restaurant's name, and voila, tagged!

But if you still lost or really really don't know what to eat or where to eat, you can click the 'Guides' button and there are endless lists of food and restaurants. You can choose either 'Featured' or 'Activity' to stalk what your friends been eating all this while or you can even browse yourself. If that still doesn't help, I think you should just stay at home and cook your own meal. That's just the best way. LOL! :D

Find whatever you're craving, see what is good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters love, wherever you go! Share great dishes using 'Foodspotting' or by tagging food photos #foodspotting on Instagram. You can download it for your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and also Blackberry.

Add me up to your list, so that I can add you back! Let's exchange our scrumptious-food-experience! Don't just keep it to yourself. Come on, have some mercy for those people who is still lost in the car, wandering around, tiada hala tuju. Haha! Add me up on Foodspotting: Malina Azman :)

Malina Azman

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