Thursday, May 23, 2013

Food teaser to make your tummy suffer

I made this picture clickable. Its easy for you to drool over whichever food that you like here. LOL! These are some of the food (I repeat, SOME) that I had during my spring break in Doha. I said 'some', mainly it is because kadang-kadang I terliur habis bila makanan sampai and I terus lupa nak ambil gambar to buat review. Bila dah kenyang, burp semua, ikan sampai tinggal tulang, baru teringat "Oh man, lupa nak ambil gambar." And maybe some of them just benda-benda remeh yang I pernah makan kat Malaysia or some of them bila I tengah lapar sangat sampai dah tak ingat apa. I'm just a human being, you know. I makan untuk perut, sampai lupa untuk blog. LOL! So yeah, I am the evil knievel to make your tummy suffer bila tengok ini semua. Hahak! Will give out the details of all of these food. I will try to finish it all and sum it all up before my semester starts! Gaaaahhhh!

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